Sunday, May 13, 2012

An elephant never forgets.... (Mother's Day Tribute)

While this elephant cap was commissioned for a baby I'll probably never meet, it reminds me of my mom and her collection of elephants. 

Elephants are the symbol of the Republican Party and Lois was a Red Hot Republican.  So in honor of Mother's Day, I post this crazy crocheted baby elephant cap. She would have loved it.

 Love you bunches, Mama.  Happy Mother's Day, we miss you and will always have wonderful memories....and don't you worry, I'm keeping your tradition alive, I'm still a Red Hot Republican!


Nezzy said...

Oh how I knew this little hat would be the cutest...and I wasn't wrong. Honey, that' just the sweetest thing!

I hope the 'client' takes a pic of the babe in the hat!

We had a pastor's wife who collected elephants...said they were good luck!

Have yourself a marvelously blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

Great job!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

OH MY!!! This came so freakin' cute!!! I agree with Nezzy, I hope they send a pic of the wee one in it! ♥
Yes, I'm sure your mama is so very proud of you with all that you're doing down here. ♥

Peri said...

Hey, if you will send me one I WILL wear and freak out all my Democrat neighbors! By the way, in Grandmother's billfold I found her National Republican Women's Club card....seems like a family tradition doesn't it??

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Stephanie Smith said...

Do you have the pattern for this hat? A friend of mine is having a granddaughter, and their theme is elephants! Look forward to hearing back from you.