Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just saying hi...

Since I still don't have anything to brag/post about yet, I'll just show you this picture of me and my hubby.  Timbo and I had a little function to attend Friday night and we got a passerby to snap our picture.
Hope you like it.

Yep, it's me in all my long haired, no glasses glory.  Looks like I could have used a bit more paint on the old barn, but it's all good.

My three month, cataract surgery follow-up appointment is tomorrow,  but other than that ,the upcoming week is appointment free.  Seems like a good week to amp up the gym workout and start sweating out some of the junk food toxins that I seemed to accumulate this weekend.  I find myself falling into the "I'm so good all week" routine that I treat myself with junk food on the weekend and undo everything I did during the week.  I'll bet I'm not the only one that does this.

As they say, tomorrow is another day.  We'll talk soon and I promise I will find something artsy and interesting to blog about, really I will.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

D*mn woman! You look fantastic!! So does our favorite patriot! (Love your long locks.)
You two are so adorable!
♥ ♥

P.S. What fountain are you both drinking from? I need a swig!

Susan said...

Karin, it must be that good old Virginia mountain spring water. Thanx.

vivian said...

Love the picture. you both look so young!
have a great week!

Susan said...

Thanks Viv...we are young at heart and that helps a bunch.

Peri said...

Who are these people and what have you done with my family????? My sister is NOT that old and DH is not that old either! Gracious sakes!!!!!
Is anyone believin' this?? Funny how men never seem to age but we girls do.....still, good photo!
As for the weekend trap business --I don't do that...I am bad all the time according to my scales!