Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Progress...

I awoke with clogged ears this morning.  Imagine that.  The dust, plastering and such is finally affecting me.  I feel good, just can't hear as well as usual.  Which is ok, because I had a full crew here today.

 After the painter did the second coat yesterday, that made way for the flooring guy to come in and put in new sub-flooring, mud the seams, let that dry and then lay the vinyl tiles.  He had an air compressor in the kitchen and believe me I was glad when he would warn me "I'm going to make some noise" so I could put in my ear plugs.  It took him all day, and he was somewhat funny turned, but he completed it. 

He will be doing the floor in the studio also, so he's already making sure that the seams and the faux grout will line up with the kitchen to really maintain the continuity of the placement of the tiles.  At first I had thought about doing the kitchen on a 45 degree angle, but I decided against that.

As you can see, the opening into the dining room has been cut, so the plasterers would be able to do their thing.  Also as you can see, they know how to do their thing quite well.  They put plastic down and when they were done, everything was nice and neat and quite clean, considering.

Yesterday, the brick team was here and they trimmed in the new windows with the brick recovered from cutting the holes in the wall.  A lot of cleaning and sawing and such went into this project and they will be back soon.

Everyone is doing a great job.  I may have a bit of a quieter day tomorrow, and to be honest, I'm OK with that.

Well that's it from the Widder Keene.  All is well here.  I'll continue to keep you posted.


Peri said...

Wow again! The kitchen looks wonderful! This is really moving along and the color is fabulous. Your crew is, like our pal Stella, "awesome"! Hard to believe that they only started the day before the Fourth of July...right, the 3rd....ha ha.
I am still jealous!! Happy for you, but jealous.

NanaDiana said...

I hope you do get a quieter day! It is really coming along nicely though, Susan. It is going to be WONDERFUL- xo Diana

kathyj333 said...

Looks great. Sorry about your ears.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I know it's difficult living through a remodel. But just think how wonderful your home will be upon completion?!
Heck, I'm as excited as you are with this renovation!!
Can't wait to see more!