Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remodel update

I am finding it hard to believe that another week has gone by.  Since I know everyone is soooooo interested in my remodel, I'm treating you to a few more pictures of the progress. 

In order to get the number of windows I wanted they had to cut through the brick.  Wow, it made a lot of dust and had the neighbors laughing as they ran out to roll up their car windows...

They know what they are doing though and have been able to retain a lot of the brick needed to use on the front of the house.  They will probably have to order the ones that can be matched, but for a more original look the masons are going to work in the ones that they carefully removed...

The purple kitchen has been "dismangled" and they have already cut the hole for the walk through to the living room. 

The new doorway opening replaces one set of bookshelves that were there originally...

Tim and I had always wanted to make a walk through from the kitchen, as we ate in the living room.  It was a hassle to cook in the kitchen then carry everything through the dining room, which we really just used as an extension of the entry way, to get to the living room.  Anyway, here is where we are so far...l

 (Yes, I do have my television in my fireplace.  1969...big ranch style house, small rooms...grrr)

Another thing I can hardly believe is the difference that cutting this opening has made.  The house already seems "lighter" and not so claustrophobic.  Cozy is nice and I like it, but cozy can sometimes start to close in on you.

Well, I don't want to toss too much your way, so I'll end with this last picture...

I love clouds and take tons of pictures of them.  I would paint nothing but cloudscapes, but alas one does not live by clouds alone.  Honestly, if you look at this shot long enough, you can almost see these beautiful clouds start to move across the sky.  I have looked at clouds from both sides now...and it's a good thing.

Talk soon.


NanaDiana said...

Susan- You are getting a lot done. I love how that opening visually expands your home. I can't wait to see more progress! xo Diana

vivian said...

wow! your really are making some big changes. very exciting for you! keep us updated!
have a great week susan.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

How exciting, Peachy!! I'm so happy for you!!! I LOVE the idea of adding more windows. Also a doorway into the living is a great idea Man, I wish I lived closer!

Your fireplace is blocked with a television?! Gasp! You know how I feel about fireplaces and wood stoves! ♥
Okay, time to move the T.V.
Why not hang it? (I've got mine hanging in the kitchen.)
Ummm... If you don't, I shall sneak down to VA in the middle of the night and do it myself. I'll bring my tools. ((giggle))

Please share more photos when you can! This is fun!
:> )