Friday, September 6, 2013

Talk about dramatic changes...

I have been trying for four months to find someone who would brush-cut my woods and remove the ivy.  The people that have been doing it charge me waaay to much, plus, they didn't like to work on the bank, so when I told one of the guys that has been remodeling my house my dilemma, he said leave it to me.

This is what they started out with...(I just had it done in May)

It was only a matter of three weeks before it looked like this again.  We had a lot of rain, and it just grows like crazy.

With the help of an 80 year old man on a tractor doing the brush hogging and two guys with lawn mowers I now have this...

These men mowed everything after the tractor work was done.  They totally man-handled the mowers into doing what they wanted them to do.  They honed the blades to a horror film sharpness and attacked the ivy like they were vine-hating animals.  I told them they were the mowing gods and that I had been told that this just couldn't be done.  They both replied at the same time that "a real man would have done it".

This brings me to something I'm only going to touch on here, as I'm moving forward with my life, and am not going to dwell in the past.  Over the past few weeks, several of the things I have told people who didn't know my husband, have brought forth reactions that I probably should have had for years. "He what???" and "you do know that's not right?"  I'm just realizing that not only was he often controlling and manipulative, but he was possibly waaaay more metro than hetero. Now that's something I didn't wanted to admit. 

Well, all has turned out for the best.  I'm happy and healthy and finding out that the things that are just too difficult to do by one person, can be made to look easy by others.  Meaning that those guys were bound and determined to make my back yard into what I wanted it to be.  Don't worry, all the critters in the woods survived the yard work and if my sudden lack of vegetation sends then into the woods of my neighbors, than I'm OK with that too.  Apparently these guys are planning on maintaining this new look with talk of moving rocks and stumps and other things.  Finally, someone that shares my vision for a back yard space.  I'll bet they will even plant things for me.

Well, that's it for today.  So far no workers today, it is Friday after all, but I'm sure I'll have driveway forms being built soon.  I'll keep you posted on everything. 

Take care, and TTFN.


NanaDiana said...

That looks really great, Susan. Don't you love it when someone not only GETS what you want but is able to EXECUTE it, too? xo Diana

Peri said...

Showed this post to Peg who was suitably impressed and wishes that she had people like that here! Our grass gets mowed and the roses trimmed and that's about it. Lucky you!!.
Glad the critters still have places to sleep! I am sure your neighbors will enjoy the deer!
Overall, a pleasant change for certain!
As for the late husband...yep..but he is gone now and you are movin' on nicely. Dues have been paid!

Kristen said...

Looks very clean and neat. This will be a great place to sit and watch nature, with a clearer view.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...
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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Wow! That looks terrific, Peachy! They did a great job! Man, I do know how difficult it is to maintain a sloped area.
As far as your other comment goes, sometimes others see what our own eyes don't. But I am so happy to read you are enjoying life now. ♥