Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day Bed...what's your thought?

The very last thing that had to be done on my new and improved back porch, was to install a ceiling fan and electrical outlets.  Here you see the finished "room"...

I really want this to be an outdoor room and obviously two folding chairs and a card table just doesn't do it justice. This is a large space, at 16 x 20, I certainly have room for just about anything I want.  My builder has given me the go ahead as far as weight capacity goes and I'm thinking in addition to traditional table and chairs I may purchase an outdoor day bed...

Part of me loves this bad boy,

but it really just doesn't fit the design of a country back porch.  I suppose in reality, I'm going to get something more like this...

or this...

This is new to me, obviously, so any ideas you have would be appreciated.  It doesn't have to be a day bed, but I really would like to be able to take a nap or even sleep overnight on the porch.  How does one go about this?

If you know of any good websites for outdoor furniture, I'm up for ideas.  Maybe I should hit Pinterest for some ideas, as just randomly surfing the web can be a bit frustrating and in our area, outdoor furniture is something that has to be ordered, because it's usually not a year round item.

The sales associate, a really sweet chick, at Grand Home Interiors told me to try the local National Pool store, so I may do that this weekend. 

Whatever I decide on doing, I'll keep you posted, but keep those ideas coming.


Peri said...

I think that whatever YOU like is appropriate. I have in the past made the mistake of buying furniture that "fit a theme" and gotten rid of it because I didn't like it or it was pretty but not comfortable. If you really like that "bad boy", then use it! But, lay on it and roll around and make certain it is comfortable first. I wouldn't buy anything just because it was "summer-y" or "country" or "outdoor rated". This should be treated like it is a den or family room area in your home..with windows all around! Since it is near your living room you might want to "play" off the colors and furnishing in that room. You don't HAVE to have a "porch" look unless you really want one. Be happy with the room and do whatever you want!! Your house--your rules, remember?

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Yep, consider it another room and not a porch.
As you already know, I adore daybeds! You can use it as a couch or you can catch 40 winks on it.
Go with what makes you feel most comfortable.
It will be fantastic.
:> )