Monday, February 10, 2014

I know, I know...

Well, believe it or not I've been back from Cali for a week and I'm just now popping in to say hello.  In between getting back in the groove, going to the grocery store, meeting up with friends, anxiously awaiting the purchases that I UPS'd home (suitcase included) and doing laundry,  well, I've been less than motivated to make a blog post.

I thought it would be fun, though, to give you some of the pictures of the trip in the order that they happened.  I took so many that I think it would be tedious to continue on with that style, but for this post that's the plan.

Here is a shot of how lightly I packed. (sorry, the plastic bags are not supposed to be in this shot) In addition to the small suitcase, I stuck the books and such in my handbag/tote and I was ready.

T.D. came to the house about 5:30 a.m. and had coffee with me.  We then headed out to the local airport, very close to us by the way, and he took my luggage up to the TSA area for me.  I had already gotten my boarding pass the day before to streamline the process.  He couldn't believe how I had packed and mentioned that he had never seen a woman go on vacation without a ton of stuff.  Needless to say he was impressed.  He also made a joke about the lumberjack shirt that I was wearing.  That dude, he's a laugh a minute.  (Later his daughter told me that he was so nervous about getting me to the airport on time that he stayed up all night, just to make sure he didn't oversleep)

The flight from Roanoke to Atlanta is only about an hour, so afterwards, I kept my self amused taking photos of the airport and such...

Here is a shot of some of the folks hanging out waiting for their flight.  I was able to take shots of people by acting like I was taking selfies.  Sneaky, I know.

Here is a shot of the departure board for my flight.  Glad I wasn't headed any where on Alaska Air.  I missed the storm that hit this airport in Atlanta by a matter of hours.  Gulp.

Of course, no travelogue would be complete without a shot of the mode of transportation...

The flight to San Diego was delightful.  I had a wonderful seat mate by the name of Carl Smith.  We talked and talked and really hit it off.  We had so much in common that we really enjoyed each others company.  He was headed to San Diego to speak at some sort of a seminar/meeting and said that he was going to incorporate parts of our conversation into his speech.  I'm still so surprised when I make an impact on anyone.  He was a really interesting guy.

Had I not had such an endearing seat mate, I would have take shots of the food, but photos of airport food are a dime a dozen, making a new friend is a one time event.

After I landed, I disembarked in the incorrect area of the airport, not knowing that the building had been remodeled in the last year.  Sisters and their driver Mark finally found me and we were on our way.

This is pretty much how it was when I was in the front with Marc.  He put up with my antics quite admirably.

After we got to Peri and Peg's I was raring to go.  Not tired at all, so Peri and I hopped into her new ride and off we went...

I was there for eight days, so I took lots of pictures.  In the next few posts you will see beach pics, pictures of homes, furnishings and food.  It was great fun and she is truly an amazing sister.  My sister-in-law, Peg is a pretty cool chick, too.  She had her arm in a cast the entire time I was there, but she was a real trooper.  She hung in there with us and when we finally offered her a day off, I'm sure she gave a sigh of relief.

Well, that's all for today.  There will be more to come.  We are supposed to have a really big snow on Wednesday, so hopefully if the cable doesn't go out, I'll have plenty of "down" time to make another  post.  I really want to post more often, I'm just such a slug sometimes.

Take care, friends and enjoy your life, whatever it is.  Love ya!


Peri said...

Hooray! You are back! It is so quiet here in Cali without you! I didn't realize I am quite so did I miss that?
Hope you survive Winter Storm PAX (stupid name..that means "peace" actually) without too much hassle...looking forward to the posts is how I keep up with you!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

There you are!! I've been wondering how the trip went.

What fun!! We want to see more pics.

Hi Peri, Peg and Marc!! Hope Peg is on the mend.

Heck, Peri could house a family of 5 in her awesome ride! :> )

Glad you're back safe and sound.