Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just a quick post...

Sorry it's taken so long for another progress shot.  The plumbing and electrical work has taken up the last month and it's really boring to show....but it's done now and waiting for the inspectors.

The exciting thing that is happening now is .....wait for it....


Yep, that's what I did this morning, went to Buchanan and took pictures of the brand spanking new, custom made, wooden windows that are almost identical to the originals.  Sister Peri is going to LOVE them, cause they are FABULOUS!

As I was leaving the contractor said "take a picture of this one, it is so heavy we may have to get a crane to put it in." So with that said...

TAA DAA, I bring you a shot of the dining room windows.  They will replace the ones you see at the left side of the photo.  See the difference a custom made window makes compared to a replacement vinyl one.  Much more expensive, but so worth it.

Next week I'll have more pics of the windows installed and maybe insulation. 

Until then, I remain,
Sincerely yours
Peachy Keene

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Peri said...

This place will really be looking better with the correct windows in place! You are right that the windows are FABULOUS! I am really very pleased with the progress and am eager to see windows installed, insulation and then WALLBOARD!! It will be "really mine" then..and not just the old family place. So happy. Thanks for the photos!!