Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm snow blind...

I know that's not a very good excuse for not keeping my blog current, but I am so sick of snow that I just didn't want to do anything except "veg out" on the couch, watching the tube and crocheting.  In between those two activities I did some other things, but not much.

One of the things I did was wait patiently for my Kid Rock First Kiss promo pre-sale pack to arrive, which it did - on time and in good shape...

Even though the tee-shirt fit, I'm just not crazy about how t-shirts look on me.  I usually "flash dance" them. I cut the necks off so they won't choke me and I cut the bottoms off so they don't look like a dress and sometimes I even alter the sleeves.

I decided to remake my First Kiss tee.  I wanted to use pink fabric for the remake, but I couldn't find any.
I was then going to use black fabric, but couldn't find any that matched either.  Finally, I went to Michaels to get a pink tee and use it, but once again, nothing matched. I finally decided on a red shirt to match the fire on the hottie's cigarette.

Now, lets get started.  I have one particular top that I wear all the time, so I decided to use it as my "go by".  This is it...

It's cute and swingy and keeps me from looking so much like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I placed the black tee on top of this shirt to see what the difference was...

 As you can see, there was a big difference. The next thing I had to do was cut out a pattern for the side pieces which I would later add to the black tee, to make it flare...

I knew the top would be too long, but length can be adjusted at the final step. I then took the tissue paper pattern that I created (see above) and cut four (4) triangles from the red shirt for the side inserts...

The red shirt was large enough to supply four triangles pieces.  I simply flipped the pattern piece to the other side of the shirt for the remaining two triangles...

And now, making this sound incredibly easy, I sewed the triangles pieces together, making new side seams. Then I sewed the straight edges of the triangles, to the straight edges of tee shirt (which I had opened at the side-seams).  After I did that, I tried it on several times so I could decide about the length of the shirt and how far I wanted to scoop out the neck,  and through the magic of modern technology (i.e. my super duper fantastic Bernina sewing machine) I ended up  with this...

I like the make over immensely.  It is extremely comfy, but I'm not sure about the red. I thought about adding red trim to the neck, or maybe just ordering another shirt and making black inserts. Black is really hard to match, but as my family used to say..."it will never be noticed on a galloping horse".

So in between staying in touch with all my new KR friends on facebook, hanging with my homies and whining about the snow, and of course, keeping up with my shows, this is what I did.

As I always have a project going, I think my next project is to re-learn how  to use my embroidery module, on my machine, so I can monogram some baby blankets and other stuff for my friend's baby that will be delivered in April or May. 

Hopefully, my best friend (aka my sister) will also be here this spring and I can post some pictures of the fun we have, and of the finished house that you've all been watching as it's been remodeled this last year.

Well, that's all from Planet Keene.  Stay cool, (but stay warm) and don't do anything I wouldn't do.


Peri said...

I like the idea and I like the finished project. My sewing skills are really rather basic but I think I could manage this one. I like the red sides but I would "bump up" the amount of red in the fire of the cigarette, myself. Now go get to work on the monogramming!! Spring will be here sooner than you think...WE already have blossoms on our fruit trees!! You MAY be jealous. However, this morning there WAS snow up on the mountain tops!!

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