Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's day 2 of the remodel

Yes, it's day two of the remodel. These guys start work early, so I'm changing things up just a bit.  Had to go downstairs in the basement to use the other shower this morning, so I wasn't quite ready when the guys rang my doorbell this morning.  If fact, I was wet-headed and still buttoning my shirt. All of this was noticed and laughed about by all.

The electricians came today and did all kinds of piddly stuff. My contractor said it was bizarre that I didn't have a ceiling light in my basement rec room so he had them put one in. Fine by me.  The folks that originally built this house cut corners wherever they could and at the time the house was being built, our local electric company was giving much better rates if new house were built with the heat in the ceilings.

Heat in the ceilings meant no lights in the ceilings, so there you go.  All that has changed over the years with heat pumps and electric baseboard heat, but the ceiling lights were never added. I'm taking care of that.

Well, the new wall has been framed up, as well as my new smaller closet.  I may have inspectors tomorrow or the next day.  This is really going quite smoothly.  My contractor had me do a "virtual" shower today to show where I wanted my corner bench and how high it should be for me and such.  "OK, now squat like you are going to sit down and let me measure you".  I did as he asked, but in order to keep my balance I automatically put my hands out in front of me like doing a squat at the gym. They said this made me look like I was drive a Harley, so we laughed about that.

Anyway, here is the shot from day 2...if you look closely at today's versus yesterday's shot, you will see how far the new wall comes out into the living room. 

I really like watching what's going on, but I'm staying out of the way as much as possible.  Don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I'll try to document things, as often as they change considerably.

Thanks for staying tuned!


Peri said...

1. The thought of you on a Harley...giggling wildly.
Momma would have croaked!
2. Downstairs light? Cool.
3. Door question answered.
I like it, I must admit!

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