Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Virgin Progress

Yes, it says virgin progress.  If you keep up with my blog, and I KNOW it's the most important part of your web surfing, you will remember that I'm trying the Virgin Diet for food intolerances. I'm on day 17 and I am astounded at how much better I feel. I stay on this part of the plan for 21 days, then each week for the next four weeks, I re-introduce certain foods to see just how intolerant my system is to these foods. There are some foods that are so toxic to someone like me that they suggest not reintroducing them. And the foods that you do reintroduce are only to be done in certain amounts. It's not "well, you feel good now let's load you back up with poisons again because you think you miss them".  No it's a gradual thing to make sure that if you do want to periodically eat something that you have a problem with, you will know (from how your body reacts) just how much or how often you can do so.  Basically so if you inadvertently eat something from YOUR list of FI (food intolerances) you'll know what to expect and how to deal with it.

One of the things that surprised me is how much I like the protein shakes and smoothies that I'm eating.  I'm tossing in fruit that I normally wouldn't eat, I'm learning as I go, which items I like best to be blended together. I'm not interested in drinking or eating something that I just don't like, because for me, that is a recipe (pardon the pun) for failure.

Well not much going on other than that, so I'll leave you with this picture of a blueberry, strawberry, chia seed smoothie. I use vanilla coconut milk for my liquid and two scoops of beef based protein powder.

I'll be back soon when I have more interesting things to report.  Hope no one April Fooled you today.
Take care and ta ta for now.


Peri said...

I think finding out what one is allergic to in any respect is a positive thing. I also believe that when one tries any new "plan", one should follow it correctly. This plan you are on is exactly the way our vet dealt with the allergic symptoms of our dog, Isis!..first, for 21 days the dog ate a specific diet which did not have any of the known "cautionary" foods for dogs. Then once a week for 4 weeks a "cautionary" food was introduced to determine if it did indeed cause a problem. So far we have learned the allergies for this dog appear to be environmental and not food related. So I know that the idea works! I think you are very smart to do it, although, having tried chia seeds I find they annoy me because they slide under my dental implants. (Guess "dental" wasn't necessary to type...). Still good on you for the Virgin Diet!

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