Monday, June 15, 2015

And a good time was had by all...

I was chatting with a few friends about the adventure I had this weekend and they said I should blog about it.  I have several friends that have a place "over on the creek".  In the past, this place has consisted of a campsite that included tents and a "bucket shower". Well, you can be sure that is not my cup of tea, so I have graciously declined numerous invitations over the past several years. This year, they acquired a camper, and while it is not the most expensive trailer out there, it serves the purpose...

That purpose being, the fact that it has three (what they call) beds in it.  I suppose compared to sleeping in a tent or a car on air mattresses, these so called beds are the height of luxury.

While the camper does have a fridge and stove and even a terr-let...they cook outside on the grill, use a cooler and have a portapotty. nuff said.

It really is a nice area, especially if you like doing nothing...

It was a bit buggy so they kept a fire going for smoke all day. 95 degrees and two fires going all day, but I digress.  One of the guys, Bless His Heart, only has a handful of teeth left and keeps a cigarette in his mouth most of the time. This, to me, makes him a bit hard to understand. I mention his teeth not to be mean, but to justify my not being able to understand him. Soooo, while he messing around in the weeds looking for wood, I thought, honestly I did, that he said he had "found us a cobra".  I do have to admit, I was partaking of an adult beverage (or two) and I'm the one that started yelling "cobra, he's found a cobra".  Well, what he had actually said was he had found us a "smoker", meaning a large gnarly stump of wood that would smoke the bugs away when placed oh-so-gently (not) into the fire pit.  So that was pretty funny.  The fact that no one ran to help him deal with the cobra was telling, I suppose. The day continued in this vein.

Chelsie and I had already been laying in the sun for several hours...

 I was completely unable to get out of this chair without help
plus it whacked me in the head when I sat in it...

I eventually moved to the covered area to observe the baby, while watching, what must be their usual routine while "over on the creek".  The baby was good. She did what newborns do. They had a nice covered area and a fan blowing on her and everyone was having a very nice time...

There were five barking dogs...the three small black dogs, Bubba, Maddy Girl and Baby
Girl...the blond German shepherd named Boscoe and now added to the mix, a husky named Dakota. Boscoe almost knocked me down with the rope to which he was tied, as he bolted when Dakota first showed up. Bruised leg, first injury.


So they got all the dogs either tied up, or put in a pen or placed in a truck with the a/c running.

Folks fished and threw back their catches and fished some more.  I took pictures of the baby and sang to the Kid Rock music that we had blaring at top volume.

They fished some more. Chelsie wears rubber boots to get in the creek as it's cold and has critters in it. We saw a snake. Yikes...

Chelsie put Dakota on a lead and tried to introduce him to the water, but he wasn't having it...

Dakota and Chelsie

Speaking of getting introduced to the water.  After sitting for several hours and being hot and needing to pee, they finally convinced me that the water would feel good.   "All you have to do is wade out in it".  I had hiking sandals on and thought it would be a breeze.  It was not.  I somehow ended up falling in the water, floundering around, looking like a giant turtle that was flipped over and couldn't get up.  I could hear them laughing at me, but I still couldn't figure out how to get up.  This seems to be a recurring problem for me.  Remember that time I got stuck in the tub at Williamsburg?  Well, it was much like that.

I finally got someone to come get me up and help me out into the creek and back to the bank. Enough creek for me.

Well, of course now I have to pee. I made it to the portapotty and got my wet spandex short down far enough to do my thang, and of course, I could hardly get them back up.  It was a bit frustrating, but made for laughter back down at the fire pit.

Hot dogs were cooked and since I had eaten fried chicken a while before I chose not to eat at hot dog at that time.  After what I certainly thought was a long time, I went to the grill to pick up what I was sure would be a cool hot dog.  It was not. It was blazing hot and it burned the finger and thumb on my right hand, so instead of dropping it...I transferred it to my left hand and burned finger and thumb of that hand.  By this time, I cut myself off from any more alcohol. Damn hot dog was too burned to eat after all.

Finally, we had real food. Chicken cooked on the grill along with potatoes. We only had one dull knife so I  sliced using a tiny knife on a Leatherman type tool. Oh for pity's sake. Chelsie wrapped the potatoes in  foil and put them in the campfire.  Same with a foil pack of onions. They were done after about 20 minutes and the onions would have been great if one of the dudes hadn't torn the foil digging them out of the fire, causing him to burn his hand and lose most of the onions. 2nd burn of the day.

We went inside the trailer to make our plates,sharing space with the little black dogs, finally got our food and went back outside.  Gradually after eating, people began to leave.  All the families with kids packed up and went on to other things. Derrik and Dakota took off and the host, apparently had to hit the bed in the trailer.  I was not the only one that had more than one beer.

Chelsie and Jordan cleaned up, making it easier for them to leave early in the morning, and me, I decided that I would be miserable trying to get any sleep there.  So I came home.

All in all, it was a very interesting day.  I'm just not very outdoorsy, but I think I had fun.  I might do it again. Maybe.

So that is my adventure from over on the creek. Hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Next time something fun happens, I'll tell you all about it. Until then, stay cool and let those you care about know just how much you do care.


Peri said...

Well well well. That sounds about "par for the course", so to speak. At least you didn't end up with poison ivy...which I did the last time I went "over on a creek"...but then again there WERE adult beverages involved then too. I, like you, am not an outdoorsy gal...I like my creature comforts too much. I applaud your willingness to give it (the adventure of the great outdoors) a try. I prefer my outdoors to be at my pool at my own home....where the water is the perfect temperature and there is a lovely flush toilet just a few feet away in the air conditioned house!
So sorry about your burned fingers but I sure am glad there was NO cobra!!
Enjoyed the new post!! Thanks!!
Oh, by the way, how about a post with stills like the video you did of the remodel in Buchanan? And how did your bathroom turn out?

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Wow! You went camping, Peachy? I'm impressed! :> )