Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No we don't work for Kid Rock, we are fans...

In the last year, I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people. People that I have something in common with. Like-minded people...We are fans of Bob Ritchie, also known as Kid Rock.
If you don't know who Kid Rock is, I'm OK with that. Shoot, I'm even OK with it if you know him, but just don't like his body of work.  He has been around for a long time and has fans of all ages and types.  If you want to learn more about him, feel free to click on any of the links that I am supplying.

I have listened to him since the early 90's but for various reasons I never got to see him in concert. He has reinvented his look several times since he was a young rapper, as you can see here...

When my husband died, some of Bob's songs seemed like they were meant for me.  He uses rap, as well as rock, with a little country or Southern rock tossed in. There was always something I could listen to to help me make my way through my new life.

He puts himself into his music, writing from his heart and from his own experiences.

After listening to nothing but Kid for almost a year, I started branching out...trying to learn more about him. I could tell from listening to him that he is a really smart guy and I wanted to find out more than the incident at Waffle House, or his short and stormy marriage to a diva actress.  I knew he was so much more than that, so I started researching him.  That's what a fan does anyway. Fan is short for fanatic and yes, I am a bit fanatic about Bob.

In my search for all things Kid, I started out with Pinterest and started collecting pictures  that other fans had pinned to their boards.  I started my own boards... gathering pictures of KR, his family and his concerts.

I started following Kid Rock on twitter, and I even got an instagram account to keep up with him.

I purchased a membership from his website...Kid and I even considered going on the Kid Rock Cruise..."chillin' the most".

I have since met some wonderful people that love Bob as much, or even more than me.  People that have met him and his girlfriend, Audrey. People that followed him from city to city, on tours back in the earlier days.  People that know the band members. Good people.

Through some my new contacts and new friends I was given what I feel is an awesome opportunity. I was asked to be one of the administrators of the main/private Kid Rock Fan Group on Facebook.  It was something I was honored to be a part of.  This is simply a Facebook group, and although secret with approximately 500 members, it take three other chicks and me to monitor the page, post pictures and videos and add and delete members.  We do this daily and have a blast doing it.

The special thing about this group is that his band, Twisted Brown Truckers, reads our posts and sometimes even contribute.

Well, with all this being said, the main reason for this post is Flat Bobby.  Recently in the newest edition of Cowboys and Indians magazine, Bob was the cover story.  Inside the mag, there was an awesome picture of him...

Well, we loved this picture and decide to make copies of it and laminate them and send them to a few (we thought) people to have a Flat Bobby to take on adventures.

The main administrator, in fact she's the one who started the group, used her own money to have copies made, laminate them and cut them out in the shape of Bob. We asked on the page if anyone wanted one and the response was way more than we expected.  She ended up making and sending out at least 100 of these laminated Flat Bobby's. 

Today, on the page, someone commented that we should make enough to give to all Bobby's fans.  I'm not sure if she didn't realize that Mary Kay has already sent out one hundred of them at her own expense or what, but enough is enough.

Fans have been taking Flat Bobby everywhere with them. I've done it...
Here you see me kissing Flat Bobby to make him come alive after being cooped up in an envelope for the trip to Virginia...

I even took him to Waffle House...

So the actual reason for this post is to let folks know, especially the ones from Facebook, that we don't work for Kid Rock, we don't get paid and the fun things that we do like Flat Bobby and giving away prizes for contests...all of this is done voluntarily and with our own money. So don't act so put out when we finally have to call it quits on the freebies.  Just because we figured out a way to put "Executive at Kid Rock" on our Facebook pages, we're no one special. We're just like you. We are fans.

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Peri said...

I think it is great to have something in one's life about which one can be fanatic. For me it seems to be thread...embroidery thread and yarns for tapestry work...for Peg it is books about Oz..she loves them...for a friend of mine it is watches...yours is Bob much better than cocaine or booze or motorcycles! I think Flat Bobby is a "hoot" and I think being an administrator for the Kid Rock Fan Group on FB is wonderful. You get to "meet" people you most likely would never normally meet and you once again have someone (several thousand) who appreciate your taste in music and who can get you to come down off that hill of yours and enjoy a concert or two. Having good clean fun makes sense to me and I like KR's music. Win Win...Love the name of the band, by the way.
Have fun!!