Monday, August 31, 2015


In today's virtual world, this sign is especially needed...

As some of you know, people who make rude and unnecessary comments on news articles and blogs, etc, are one of my pet peeves.  The sign is actually titled Before You Speak, Think  but I'm going to try to apply it to social media and online comments. While this sign may be too cutesy for some, perhaps that's the demographic at which it should be aimed...

T - is it True?  Seriously, those that just post what they hear without knowing if it's true would benefit from doing a bit of research. In the real world of conversation, though, in my opinion, if it's not true and you speak it...than you are either an idiot or a gossipy old ass-munch.

H - is it Helpful?  Helpful (?) you may ask. I'm not sure how this applies to a blog or social media situation. If an article has gross errors in it and someone could be helped by pointing out inaccuracies I suppose your comment may be considered helpful in that way. If you are having an actual conversation with someone and what you are saying isn't helpful, you may want to remember what Grandma said "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Personally, I think the H could easily stand for hurtful or hateful, which no one ever wants to be. No one in my world, anyway.

I - is it Inspiring?  Now before you get your old lady panties in a wad, what's wrong with being inspiring? Nothing. The dictionary defines the word inspiring as "causing people to want to do or create something or to lead better lives".  Seriously, who wouldn't want to be inspiring?

N - is it Necessary? is the one that gets me the most. Is it necessary? Will anyone benefit from your input if it is not necessary? Are you just talking to hear your porcelain veneers rattle? Are you simply using the comment section as an opportunity to call attention to someone's misspelling or bad grammar? If that's the case, you are wasting my time and also probably pissing everyone else off, as well.

K - is it Kind?  I know some people resent the notion that the internet is just one large mutual admiration society, but you know kinda is.  So, as Bob Ritchie says, "don't be a dick".

In closing, I might add, if this little hand-lettered sign offends you or you think it's too sweet, well, as we say down South, "don't let the back door hit you where the Good Lord split you" as you waddle yourself out of my life.

So those are my words of wisdom today.  You just never know, do you?

Rock on, Baby, rock on.

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Peri said...

ROCK ON, SISTER! Ass- munch? Love it.
You have a definite way with words..I am glad.
You also have the "courage" to say what needs to be said.
You make me proud!