Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Well, what to post???

My last post about the beggar, has an update. So many people called this girl out about the GFM page for the cruise that she finally got embarrassed and took it down and promised to return the money. I doubt if she will.

I'm not doing anything much right now, just waiting for the holiday to arrive cause I'm going to do something different this year.  I, the person who doesn't like to be inconvenienced, am going to go to California for Thanksgiving.   My sister and I had discussed it, but I was a whiny baby and finally a friend that lives out there convinced me that I didn't need to be by myself. His daughter and family are my local friends and we hang out all the time and they were planning to go and stay for over a week. Well, they were having a fit about me being by myself and I finally decided...why the hell not???

I think the reason I was so reluctant to travel the week of Thanksgiving is that in the past, travel was a big pain in the neck, but now my travel companions are different and young and ready to take anything as it comes.  I had just gotten into a rut and sometimes I think things are like they used to be, but they aren't and I'm busting out again.

My neighbor always wants to get my mail and paper and this will be the second time in a row that I am not letting her do that. I have put a hold on my mail and newspaper delivery.  All my bills are up-to-date and I'll be parking my car in the long term parking at the airport. No one has to take us to the airport or worry about my house.  I will, of course, tell neighbors that I'll be away, so they can keep an eye out, but other than that, I'm taking care of  stuff myself.

Computer problems will be address when I get back and a couple of new art or craft projects might be in the works.

I kept the baby yesterday and the funniest thing happened.  I was feeding her little star shaped cereal snacks called Gerber Puffs, and when you put them in her mouth, she likes to move them up between her top lip and gums and it looks like she has hillbilly buck teeth. So funny.

I tried to post the picture, but my computer wont cooperate.  Anyway, that's it for now. We'll talk soon.


Peri said...

Three cheers for bravery! It's about time you decided to just not worry about the travelling! I really am a bit envious of that because I can't just hop on a flight to VA to visit friends/family. I am likely the least brave person around when it comes to air travel. Just don't like it at all. Maybe if I took flying lessons?
Anywho...saw the photo on Facebook of the baby with the Gerber Puffs and it is absolutely endearing! You are turning into a regular "Auntie"...I think it is cute.
I am glad the "ultimate fan" took down her GFM many of them really are legitimate that seeing the ones which are just to get "fun money" really irritates me. Great minds and all that....
Your friends are lucky to have you in their lives....
as am I.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Have fun, Peachy. Happy (a bit early) Thanksgiving. ♥

Sea Gypsy said...

Just stopping in to say Hi and Happy Thanksgiving! I love the Hand post and want to try that.