Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sunny California

Yes,  here I am in California.  I talked to my sister and asked her what she thought about me coming out to San Diego and possible staying for a longer period of time than usual...with the possibility of me living out here.  She was all for it and had their driver fly out to Virginia and help me pack up enough of my everyday stuff to make it seem like I was living here and not visiting.  So I am writing this post on my own computer and listening to my own music and have my own car.  I have only been here a few days but I already feel so comfortable and at home.

I've been sitting in the back yard drawing a bit. Mostly sketching in some shapes of some flowers and rocks with the possibility of turning it into and new drawing.  This is what I have so far...

We will see if anything happens with it. Until then I'm getting used to the neighborhood and all that goes with being in a new place.

So I'll keep you posted on my progress, in all areas.


Lesley Chandler said...

Hey Susan
I have not visited in a while. I have much catching up to do. Hope you are doing well.

Peri said...

The sketch is good! Nice to have your own stuff when you are not at the usual home, isn't it? Even nicer to have YOU closer than usual. Stick around...we can get into all sorts of trouble.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Wow!!! That's awesome, Peachy!!! You are definitely a California girl even if technically you're not. ((giggle))
Your heart and family are there and that's all that matters.
Tell everyone I said "hi!"
Enjoy!! ♥