Friday, December 22, 2017

California Dreaming

Is becoming a reality.  Yeppers, in January 2018 I am packing up my house and moving to San Diego. It seems to some like a quick decision, but those that really know me, know that it is not. I have tried to justify staying here in Virginia, but truth is, other than a brother that I see less than once every two years or so, there is no one here that I care about or can really count on in case of emergency.  I have several people/friends who would beg to differ, but it is because they don't want to see themselves for what they truly are. (i.e. the way I seem them, anyway)

I would have to say that in addition to an enlightening personal experience this summer, my passive/aggressive and somewhat nosy neighbors were the final push I needed to sell my properties and move to California ...where I will be with close family and where I will still be me, but won't have people making me feel that I have to prove myself or come out of my comfort zone because THEY are social, (insert nosy and gossipy)  and want ME to be less private.

I have recently learned that one neighbor hates for people to keep their blinds closed. I have another neighbor who cautions me because I sometimes leave my blinds open. I have one neighbor who is just a bee-aytch and two neighbors that are the street police and report everyone and everything. Another neighbor called me colorful, years ago when pressured to discuss/gossip about someone that they really didn't know and had nothing in common with.

I have let some of the neighbors know that I am moving and putting my house on the market, and while I am getting well wishes, as is expected, one of them surprisingly said "if you donate anything I want me and my family to have first choice".  Until she said that, I may have, but now that will not be the case. This neighbor who pointedly told me that "she knows me better than anyone"  will be surprised to realize that I have made arrangements for someone to come in and remove all items from my house that I don't ship cross country and I have made certain that no nosy neighbors get to view my house just for fun, it will be viewed by serious buyers and appointment only.

Thinking about something my sister said, there will under no circumstances be any yard sales or estate sales on my property and no nosy people just trooping through my home...I have a great realtor and he is pretty savvy, so I know I don't have to worry about that, but still.

I really am ready to start anew in Cali and am excited about the change. I just get peeved about comments that my crazy neighbors make. It's always about them.  Sheesh.

Well, that's it for now. Wish me luck and stay tuned for more rants and raves.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I was stopping by to wish you a merry Christmas and... holy moly!!
First I must say, "Yay you!!!" I know you will be truly happy in CA and I am thrilled for you, your sister and Peg!
I am glad my neighbors (although far apart) could give a rat's behind about what we do. Although they can be a tad nosy. Unfortunately that's not the same for you. So your best bet is to completely ignore them and focus on your wonderful new future and don't look back!
Not sure when you're heading out, but safe travels to you dear Peachy and Godspeed. ♥

Peri said...

I agree with CK on this. Think about this: these folks could have been willing to actually find out what you and your late husband were REALLY like and to respect both of you and they did not. So, despite your efforts at being polite to people older than you as well as younger than you, there is just no way to explain to some people that you are a private person and not a gossip nor a social butterfly. Let them sit up on that hill and wonder what you are doing in CA and just never, ever let them know! Curiosity killed the cat and while satisfaction brought it back (or so the tale goes) if there is no satisfaction (ignore the desire to prance about when you read that phrase) then DEAD IS DEAD....and not hearing from you ever again will keep their curiosity very high. Looking forward to seeing you SOON.