Friday, January 18, 2008

45 Year Old Art Kit

This is one of the cool things that DH found for me when we were cleaning out my uncle's house. In fact, he retrieved it from the trash. The box was so lightweight, that it was tossed out. He found it when he went to the dumpster with more trash and saw it. Recognizing the box, similar to one he had done as a child, he rescued it and asked me if I remembered doing this craft. Yeaaaa!!! Not only did I remember it, but the box was not empty, it was still in the box, almost complete. It was a Mosette Boutif Kit by Craft Master. I decided to finish it and put a 21st century spin on it. I finished up using the remaining glass pieces (similar to frit) added some glass beads, and some words. I think it is really cute and will probably display it.

I also finished my Year of the Rat art entry for the event that Lulu is hosting. Her blog is called My Pink Turtle and she is a real doll-baby. Check her out and join in the fun. My take on it is supposed to be humorous, but I'm not sure if everyone will get it. We will see next month.

In the meantime, I am also posting a close-up of some of the wording from my collage piece (See January 10 entry) called "Blog Words". See if you recognize any of them.

"Is it just misunderstood?" **** "Uniformity"

"Follow your heart" * "Love Angels" * "...A Walk in the Park"

"Scallop Thumb" and "The color is just so juicy"

I am thinking that I will be able to come up with some new art soon. I have so many ideas and I get such good advise from all my friends. I will be using some of my vintage collection. This includes some unmounted clippings from a mid 1800's scrapbook that I found at the flea market, as well as using some of the pages that the young lady had already pasted in the book. It is such a lovely piece, and such thought went into the book. Lots of clippings from Harper's Bazaar and jokes and musings from local newspapers. Feel free to look at my altered book on Flicker for some of the clippings I used at Christmas.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I have to go get ready for my Altered Art meeting tomorrow. We are going to start an art doll. I know so many creative folks. I love it.

As usual, we will talk soon. TA, TA.


Kim said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I was totally shocked to see it, as I really don't have a lot of repeat business!!!!! Unlike me, who can click Suziblu's link 100 times a day to see if she has posted anything new! Love that girl and her art! Speaking of art, your's is pretty amazing too. I've been reading through all of your past postings to see a little more into your art world! Isn't it fun!! Keep on creating.

Jenn said... finished your Year of the Rat piece already!? You are so good...can't wait to see it:) I did start on mine today:) You are soooo lucky to have creative friends to play with in real life. Have fun at your meeting!!

Funky Art Queen said...

I love what you did with that vintage art kit. I love how you labled when it was started and when it was finished. It's a keeper! I enjoy your blog.

Parker L. said...

thats really cool, please check out my stuff too.