Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Snow Part 2

Right as I was finishing up the "First Snow" post, I got a telephone call. Yikes!! I knew it was one of two things. Either DH had gone into a ditch, or something else was wrong with his vehicle. Whew, fortunately it was the latter. Short version is this...I drove, in the snow, to go get him. I didn't have any trouble and wasn't really that scared. I figured I could do it, he said I could, so I trusted in that. We came back home, made some calls and now DH has gone back to meet the tow truck and to see about repairs.

Well, the garage called and it was quite simple, the battery cable was bad. They inspected it while it was there, so that's good.

At least we learned one thing, I can drive in the snow if I have to. Why?? Because I'm Super Wife!

As always, we'll talk soon.


Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Driving in the snow is NOT my favorit e thing to do either. If you take a few entries back in my blog... you will see where last month I had a slip and slide on our first "ICE" storm. If you think snow driving is bad! Ice is wicked. xxx

Susan said...

Oh, Maralena! I am so glad I didn't think of your ICE post. I might not have been quite so quick to hop in my car. I hope I never have to experience the "ice driving" first-hand. So glad you are OK.

Kims Art said...

I know it must be scary to drive on, but it sure is pretty. Thank you for the name, that is what I will call her! I like it! What is the rat thing you are doing? I really do want to see a close up of your blog collage. About those materials you are saving. One of my favorite doll artist said she had that same problem. I had this problem, until hearing her story. She had a house fire that took all those things she was saving. Now when she finds special things she uses them. I took that story to heart. Hope that helps! I think it also takes the art to places you are wanting it to go or that is what I have found.