Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Snow

I checked the weather and thought I would awaken to glistening drippy trees covered with freezing rain. This is much more beautiful to me. They are calling for the freezing rain to start soon, so DH is getting ready to go out into the snow and take some video for his show. I graciously (I hope) declined to be camera person for this segment. I get too nervous when folks drive in the snow. He will be much happier without me shrieking and crying with every skid. In fact, he is so happy that he is writing me a love note.

Well, it's off to the studio to work on my rat. What I thought would be a very clever idea, has not translated to paper as well as I wished. Since this is my first challenge, I am not sure what others will be doing, but that's probably a good thing. No preconceived ideas to tie me down.

I'd better stop typing and actually do something . Just remember to keep those blogs and pictures coming. I love reading and looking at all the wonderful things that my friends post. Well, we'll talk soon.

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