Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Faye and the Potato Beads

Edit: This was done on a 9 x 12 canvas support. It has matches, wire, the top off of a Paper Glaze bottle, a squiggle from a glitter glue stick and squares of mirror finish paper. There are also earrings, a brass skeleton key, a pen barrel with my name and lots and lots of paint.

Here is a shot of the assemblage I did. I lost track of time while working on it, even stopping at one point and "zoning out", just staring at it for a while - before jumping up to go find another series of items that were calling from another room, begging to be attached. Some of these items included beads, glitter, a salamander, tooth bleaching syringe and a vintage picture of a beautiful lady named Faye, all decked out in her military uniform. I think she was in the Marines. I just love her smile.

and regarding those potato beads...

These instructions (from an HGTV episode) are very similar to the ones I used to make my beads. I did use an emery board to smooth the edges before I painted them, but this is certainly up to you. It's a lot of fun. Get the kids together and peel, cube and skewer some taters.

By the way, I did this project about two years ago and the beads have never had any unpleasant odor, just an pleasant organic aroma when I filed them. They have kept their shape and are really quite cool.

Speaking of spuds, (sofa spuds, that is ) it's almost time for our favorite show (American Idol), let's see what Omaha has to offer. I am sure it will be great. I am putting "Bones" on the back burner while AI is on. Well, the writers' strike contributed to that also, but I digress.... Anyway, love me some Idol. Grab your favorite snack and hit the couch. We'll talk soon. Ta, Ta.


art and beautiful junk said...

Hi, Potatoes! I guessed carrots. Well you can do the same thing with carrots and then you could have 12 carrot necklace or bracelet. As for the table... We cut it in half. The legs lent themselves to a half table. Talk to you later.

tascha said...

Wow that is one cool looking bracelet!
I love American Idol too! I can't wait for the show to really get going.
Bye for now!

Linda said...

Your collage is cool. It's like an I Spy book where you see something different every time you look. I love military pictures. I am trying to get a hold of some to work with. Take care and thanks for the comment at my blog.

Jenn said...

wow susan!! It's soooo cool!! How big is it? I have some really incredible military photos of my Grandpop from WWII...I hope to do something really special one day with them. He is 99 and still kicking!!! xoxo

Kims Art said...

I still can't get over the potatoes.Your assemblage looks like a piece every time you look you will see something different. I love stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Your assemblage is wild and fascinating...I can see why you would zone out. There's so much to look at!