Monday, January 28, 2008

Potato Bracelet

I was pleased when I got the call from Marnie, asking for a picture of my "nugget" bracelet so she could include it on the poster for our art group's upcoming event. These are faux turquoise nuggets that I made. Can you guess what they are made of? You might be surprised. (Clue: some of you probably did this when you were children.)

I hadn't thought of this piece for quite a while and had stored it away. While going through my vast array of supplies,( art, beads, wire, found items, paper, fibers, etc.) I really got the urge to make some jewelry. Since I don't go out to work now, and the shop where I had some pieces, closed, I just stopped making it. I might post some of my past pieces and maybe will make some more. Never know.

Well, got to go clean up the mess I made. We'll talk soon.

Edited: 01/29/08 (new title)


Kim said...

I am stumped! Do tell!

Kims Art said...


art and beautiful junk said...

ooooh!!! I do love this. Waht in the world is it made of? Is it carrots? I'm curious. I made some jewelry about a year ago. Maybe I'll post it for you to see. It is handmade polymer beads. I finally added you to my list of favorite links. Stop by sometime.

Susan said...

Nancye, you are so close! I just changed the title of the post. Now you know!


Kims Art said...

Wow! How do you dry the potato? I have never heard of that. The paint combination is what makes it look so real. Awsome!

Kim said...