Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just a few ramblings...

First off, I want you to know that I am sitting here with one "Madonna" style fingerless glove on. Why? Because my mousing hand freezes when I surf the net.

That being said, I have lost track of time several times today. First time, I looked up from my art table to check the time, only to find I have been working on my current project almost two hours and absolutely did not realize it. I have been talking about layers recently, and originally, I think I meant layering collage items, neatly and with a great deal of thought. What this layering project has turned into, though, is something completely different. I started out with a 9 x 12 canvas that I had covered with several artist's acrylic textures, (stucco, glass beads, black lava, etc.) I then started applying liquid paints directly from the bottles (Pollack style) this lead to attaching items out of my "junk bowl". I save these various items for this purpose, but never seem to use them. These items included beads, glitter, a salamander, tooth bleaching syringe and a vintage picture. I am sure you are getting the idea. Anyway, it will take some time to set up or dry, or whatever it decides to do. When it is ready, I'll show you.

The other way to completely loose track of time is reading blogs. I have a certain order, in which I usually read them, but today I decided to take them one at a time, and visit all the blogs that each person has in their sidebar. I haven't gotten very far, but what fun. I also like to go to my own profile and click on one of my interests and see who matches up. Just a fun thing to do on a cozy Sunday afternoon. Combine that with watching Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and you couldn't ask for anything more. A special thanks goes to my darling hubby for making this last part possible.

Can't bear to leave without at least one photo. Speaking of DH and how he watches out for me, here is a contraption that he attached to the closet wall to hold some of my necklaces. I think it is actually made to hold various tools.

Well, it's off for homemade vegetable beef soup and warm buttery rolls. We'll talk soon. Take care.


Jenn said...

What!? Look at all your fabulous necklaces!! Love them Susan!!
I love to find new links through other people's blogrolls. You could get lost in blogland for days and days;) Happy week to you!!! xoxo...jenn

Kim said...

I myself get lost in Blogland on a daily basis...alas, it is one of my weaknesses!
But, Oh My Goodness, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters was one of my all time favorite shows along with H.R. Puffinstuff! How are you watching it? Curious minds want to know!

Kim said...

Thanks girl for the info! I'm headed to Ebay. Who knows maybe I might find a Banana Splits tape as well! Remember them?

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Love you blog and all you wonderful artwork. Thank you for the compliment on my lighthouse collage. Is it okay if I add your blog to my sidebar? Thanks, Angelina