Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bean Soup

Yes, I said Bean Soup! Whilst we have all been cranky babies and crying for spring, I still have had a hankering for something hearty. It rained here yesterday and it's not really that warm outside, so my comfort food of choice for the next few days is 15 Bean Soup, Beef Flavored.

I cut a nice lean steak into bite sized chunks, roughly chopped some onion (I skip the garlic, not my thing) and saute'd that together, added one can of tomatoes and the flavor packet that is included, while the beans did a quick cook on the stove top for about 1 hour, then combined the mixtures for a yummy bean soup.

You bring the warm crusty bread, I'll make some sweet tea and let's chow down.

Who knows?? A nap might be in our future!!


If you have time, reach over and click on the links for Women's History Month. There is so much going on this month, I know, but I didn't want to forget to acknowledge all of us girls and all of those wonderful ladies of the past.


Kims Art said...

That soup sounds so good! I am sorry the weather has not been good for ya'll, but enjoy that soup it won't be long till we are craving salads. We had a cool snap here, so I made chili, knowing it would be the last time. Your necklace is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you do next.

suze said...

Your soup looks yummy. I haven't made that one in a while hmmmm.
I LOVE your pen and ink drawing. I started out with pen and ink, I think I need to go back and give it another try.

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

I will absolutely check out those links. xxx

That soup looks good. I love bean soup and this looks like a great recipe. Generally I mean Great Northern or Split Pea... so I am going to have to give this 15 Bean Soup a try.