Friday, March 14, 2008


Oops, I didn't mean for this shot to look like a catalog page. I am still learning my photo program.

This is a twisted necklace I fashioned from teal colored crystal beads and amazonite nuggets, it is made on aqua colored "Artistic" wire and finished with a silver tone chain and a traditional lobster claw clasp. It is now on my Etsy site. Click in on my sidebar.

I got a new product today called Delight, by Paperclay. I love to try something new and although I really love the way it feels in my hands, I am not sure about the application. I have made several beads and a focal piece. I think I will bring it to our meeting tomorrow to let folks see how soft it is to the touch. It feels like a marshmallow in your hand. Interesting.

I also have done an interesting, but confusing, pen and ink drawing of a basket of flowers, except the flowers are gears and things with rivets and holes in them. The basket has turned into a Madd Max maze of stairs and portholes. Oh what the hey, I'll go take a picture of it and show you...

This like, almost all artwork, has to be seen to really be appreciated. I have always loved drawing. I sometimes wish that I could paint as easily. My ink drawings always seem to have a childlike quality about them. I never try to keep that from happening when I draw. For some reason, whenever I do other types of art, I have difficulty tapping into that inner child's view point. Enough said, hope you can figure it out.

See you soon. Ta, Ta.


Jenn said...

I've been so chicken to try paperclay! I don't know why either!! Let us know how you like it as you use it more:) Love the necklace and drawing!! How is Milo? xoxoxo...jenn

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

i am in love with the necklace and color!!!! I adore the pen and ink. I was so into that late fall while waiting for the girls to get out of school. I sketched in the car everyday. I miss it!

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Let me know how the paper clay goes. I just saw a program about bridal bouquets being created from paperclay. Apparently they are very light to carry and the added plus, they last forever.

Love what you are adding to Etsy. Did you twist the wire adding in the little gems?

The drawing is just lovely. No wonder I love coming by to visit.

I'm in a bit of a creative block today. Guess I just need to go get busy on the project that is deep in my head and see where it takes me. (paper collaging sunflowers on a canvas).


MissKoolAid said...

That drawing is so awesome. So much to see on there. I really like it.


Sharon said...

The drawing is facinating.

Everwild said...

ooooh, fabulous works of art, Susan!