Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He's Gone

For those of you who have been keeping up with our kitty cat, Milo, we had to have him put down today. Ten days ago, the vet was astounded at how well he was doing. He had seen him on one of his "good" days. His bad days have been really, really bad and we knew this morning we needed to take him for this last visit.

We will miss him, we already do...and we don't know what we will do about future pets. For now we will celebrate his sweet little life (he was 16, that's about 84 in human years) and know that he was loved and very, very well cared for. My darling husband would hold Milo for hours, even if he was uncomfortable himself.

We laid him to rest with his other little kitty cat friends, here on our little acre. He was a sweet boy and we have lots of pictures and video of him. I blogged about his health here and I showed him when he was really fit and feisty is this blog.

He was a very important part of our lives, but we know we will all be together sometime. Join me in remembering this very special cat and remember the special little pets of yours that he has joined. I imagine they are all having fun, chasing butterflies and each other and sometimes looking down at us, remembering how much we loved them.

Thanks for listening.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I'm so sorry about Milo. I know that we can get soooo attached to animals. We have 2 chihuahua's & I can't imagine being without them. I love them both dearly. Again sorry for your loss. Hugs***Renea

Everwild said...

Loss is never easy. Eventually, the sorrow subsides, though, and we realize how important that exchanging of love is, that it's worth the risk and our grief when we outlive those we love. We remember them, first in sadness, then -- in time -- with fondness.

I know how you feel right now. I'm sending extra hugs.


Kims Art said...

I am so sorry about Milo. He was a part of your every day and that makes it so hard. It just hurts so bad to not have them here. I send you a big hug! It just takes time, but we will get through this.

Linda said...

I'm really sorry about Milo, Susan. He seemed like such a sweet cat and from the way you always lovingly talked about him you will treasure the time you had with him forever. Take care honey.

Funky Art Queen said...

Millo is up in heaven with our little chihuahua biscut that we lost last year. Sorry for your loss. We still think of our little baby all the time. I know you will too. Hugs.