Friday, March 28, 2008

A New Routine

Well, life goes on, we are settling into a new routine. I am purposely doing things differently. This is the first time in over 20 years that I haven't had to watch the door when I opened it. Now I am holding the door open longer, just to get used to the fact that no one will escape. None of our kitties ever tried to get out, it was just a precautionary measure anyway. We had been walking quietly for the last few weeks, because Milo was unwell. We are now striding through the house, running up and down the stairs, even speaking in a louder voice. Things are just naturally changing. Part of me feels guilty that I am getting used to things so quickly. I miss him, but in a sweet, reminiscent way. I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my friends for their kind words. I know most of you have been through this and your sweet e-mails and comments have helped me so much. Hugs to you all.

I have been working on jewelry recently and here are two pieces that you might find interesting.

I am a grape ape. I love purple and have since I was a teenager. This is an amethyst bead and purple lampwork creation, accented with black seed beads and pink anodized beads.

This is a beaded kumihimo necklace. It is made from 8 strands of seed beads that are woven in a tubular fashion and finished with a non-tarnish silver cone and wire wrapped. I chose shades of purple and red in case there were any Society ladies out there that wanted something different.

I have been spring cleaning and I have collected sooooo much jewelry over the years, that I am thinking about putting lots of earrings, necklaces, etc. on eBay. I really haven't decided yet, but it would really be a good way to make way for more treasures. In the meantime, I will leave you with these two necklaces and make my way downstairs to maybe work on my altered book. The next meeting will be here soon and I won't have anything done on it. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday.

Till then, Ta, Ta.


suze said...

So sorry to hear the news of Milo. I know all too well how much it hurts.Just keep yourself busy. Time seems to help us heal.
We just added a new kitty to our family and I forgot how much work they are!She is into everything! And if you have seen my studio - there is a lot to get into.
xo suze

Jenn said...

Oh Susan! I am so very sorry to hear about sweet Milo. Sending a big hug your way. xoxoxo...jenn

Linda said...

gorgeous stuff Susan. I also like making jewelry but haven't for a while. However, I want to start again. Take care