Saturday, July 12, 2008

Before and After

Wow, it's done. It looks so good. We almost forgot to take an after picture, before I started filling it up again with all my stuff. In addition to being our laundry area, this room holds some of the spill over from my studio. After the "flood", DH said if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!

He replaced the shelves, the outlets, the baseboard, the drainage pipe for the washer, patched holes, replaced wallboards, added trim, took out an old heater, and primed and painted everything. He put tiles in the window sill and in front of the door that leads outside .
He replaced the wobbly garment hanger with sturdy shelf and rod. I can't even remember all the stuff he has done. It's been almost three weeks and he's done. Thank you so much,'re the best!

While he went to play music this morning, I decided I would start reorganizing while I did some of the piled up laundry. One problem, the washer wouldn't spin. After wringing a load of whites by hand and getting them in the dryer, I was sorta at a

Since I have a PMC (Precious Metal Clay) demo to do at the library next Saturday, I got out my supplies and practiced a bit on that. Here is a sneak peek:

We are also going to be working with polymer clay at the meeting so, I played around and made this awesome transfer. I couldn't go wrong using this subject:

I did a transfer using a black and white photo copy that I copied and colored in with colored pencils. This was stored away after I did it and is at least 5 year old. Proof that photo copies don't have to be "fresh" to transfer. I used translucent clay, which always burns in my oven, so after soaking and removing all the paper from the transfer, I "accented it" ( covered up the scorch marks) with metallic paint and sealed it. I'm quite pleased with the result.

So that's what's been happening today. Hopefully, Monday we can order parts for the washer and get it fixed. DH was able to fool it into thinking it could spin, enough for a couple more loads. I know he must be tired from all this and I will try to make sure he has a nice evening. In the meantime remember, our friend, Roseanne Roseannadanna, said it best " It just goes to show ya', it's always something".

That's all for now. Have a great evening.


Amy Sullivan said...

So, what are you doing , is that polymer clay melting on the coffee warmer, or does it harden on it? I have always put it in the oven.
It always something.
But, your laundry room does look great.

Susan said...


Those are PMC creations drying on the coffee warmer. After shaping it, it needs to dry to a certain stage before it can be fired, I use the warmer as a time saver. Come back later for a picture of the fired and polished piece!


Linda said...

Don't you look cute posing on the washer and dryer! The transfer came out really cute too. The laundry area looks awesome. Enjoy!

Susan Carlin said...

Wow... great before and after shots! Congratulations on the wonderful new space!

carolyn said...

Love the picture of you lounging on
the washing machine! Your hubby did a great job re-doing that room.
Do you have your own kiln to fire the PMC? My local craft store offers a couple of PMC classes and they always look so fun.

Suzie said...

Wow the room looks great. Can you guys come and fix my bedroom?

Susan said...


There are several ways to fire PMC. I fire mine with a butane torch.
Readily available and really easy to use, which works well for me.


suze said...

Check out my blog today. My washing machine had problems on Saturday...and we too, are ordering parts today.
Your room looks great and thanks for the tip on drying the clay.

Tricia said...

susan, i enjoyed catching up on your blog and what has been going on with you lately!


i will be sad to miss the pmc instruction on sat---my sister is having my mom's birthday party that day. she has thought about moving it to the following weekend though so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

Allison said...

Hi! I am visiting via Susan (Up the Hill) and I am enjoying reading your posts! Think I'll bookmark this one. Come visit my site anytime.

I LOVE what you did with the laundry room - major improvement and it looks great!

You go girl. :)

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Oh you are too cute posing on the dryer like that!! By the way, I love your hair.