Saturday, July 5, 2008

She's at it again...

I just won't let the distraction of home repairs stop me. I needed to hem some jeans, so I cleaned off my table and made room enough for my machine. After that sewing project, I was itching for something else, but nothing was begging to be done. I decided I would do my next favorite thing and read your blogs. My friend Diann showed some lovely quilts she and her hubs had seen recently. I don't quilt, but I do like to applique, and have been wanting to sew on paper, so I put the two together and came up with this.

I cut a sheet of watercolor paper in half (making this 6" x 9") and covered it with a bright fabric that I had cut the shape of the head out of. I didn't make a paper template, but cut everything freehand. I didn't have any spray adhesive, so I used Yes! paste to adhere the main pieces. Not the best for this, but it did work. I then cut out a mouth and basic eye shapes, and zig-zagged them down. I cut the hair from some silver brocade left from my my pirate project, and after sewing down all my pieces, I couched the details using a thin craft cord that I normally used in beading. To finish the eyes, after several experiments, I decided to cut craft foam circles and drew pupils on them. I covered the back of the picture with a piece of adhesive-backed craft foam in gray. I would rate this project fairly easy, but time consuming, as I worked about 6 hours on it.

It is, as you have probably guessed, another version in the series of "that face" that I do. I always incorporate some of my own features into these faces, that way, I don't become bogged down, thinking about colors of eyes, hair, etc. I am always so eager to start a project, that I don't spend a great amount of time on the preliminaries, I just jump right in. If I think too much, I sometimes change my mind and don't continue.

I have another project that I did and will post it later. It is a departure from my usual work and I sewed down lace and a vintage image onto it. It is so not me, that I can't decide if I like it.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you like this new piece. If you have any favorite sites on applique, or couching, please let me know. I really had fun doing this and need more inspiration.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. It's almost time to get back to the old grind. Enjoy what's left of the weekend and don't forget to be creative!


Everwild said...


This is just fabulous! I can't decide if she looks pensive or merely contemplative, but she does seem to be very deep in thought.

Happy creative days!


Linda said...

I love it. So colorful!

Kims Art said...

I love it!

mcdc3s said...

What a colorful piece. I do love that "look"... she has such a peaceful face.

sashibala said...

This is really pretty and so creative. I bet those 6 hours flew by! :)

Amy Sullivan said...

Hi Susan, thanks for the visit.
Now this is a cool project.
What fun you were having & it shows. great colors.
Please keep visiting.
Oh & yes, I am in Richmond, Va.
Amy : )

Amy Sullivan said...

Hi, I am back, I had to come back & tell you how I have enjoyed reading all of this.
I think the "These Hands " post is so dear. I can totally relate. :) When I look at my hands.
I played with Klackers too, remember when they were out-lawed. Little old lady's were making homemade Klackers, from molds used for those BIG grape, well they were large glass bunches of grapes, for decor.Early 70's.Anyways, they were shattering.
Does your husband have any CD's out. I really enjoyed "We Are Going to be Friends".
Anyway, Thanks, Amy

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi Susan, Love your new piece, love the face. Faces are one of my favorite things. Love the colors too. Hugs***Renea

Funky Art Queen said...

I love it and I think you did an awsesome job and yes it is that familiar face! Thanks for sharing

Rebecca Ramsey said...

She's so cute! The colors feed my soul!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Thanks for the encouraging words about my jewelry! I'm going to put it away for now, and I will probably try it again sometime. Hugs to you***Renea

Allison said...

BEAUTIFUL face! Love it. Did you sew right onto the watercolor paper or am I misunderstanding? Did you sew after using the paste? Did it gunk up the machine at all? I really love the design and result.