Thursday, July 10, 2008

Was it a tornado?

Wow, what a storm we had this evening! It rained in sheets and sheets with the lightening flashing and flashing. I was able to turn my computer off before the lightening hit, but DH wasn't so lucky. While we were watching out the front door, we heard (and almost felt) the lightening hit. We thought it hit the umbrella on the deck, but didn't see anything. We were running late to do errands, so off we go.

Here is one of the areas of "high wind" damage we saw while we were out.

Wow, it looked like a tornado had come through. We saw several streets that looked like this. There was a lot of damage from the wind at the local Lowe's and the tree lined areas of the surrounding mini mall. This wind followed a definite path and did quite a lot of damage.

When we got back the cable was out...and still out... and still out. Hmmm, wonder if it is us and not the cable. Sure enough, that lightening strike we heard, apparently got our router, modem and hubby's computer.

So, in addition to working 12-15 hours per day on the laundry room, now he has to replace his computer and the router and the modem.

We're feeling a little blue, but we did not get any damage to our house, and we still have power, unlike approx. 10,000 in our area who do not. We have plenty of food and coffee and all the necessary items, so we can't complain too much.

Hopefully, the next pictures I post will be of the new laundry room. Hubs has worked so hard, down in the basement, by himself most of the time, he deserves an "Atta Boy" and a pat on the back. I'm very blessed to have such a great husband. He's a keeper. (almost 20 years now)

Well, that's all for now. Stay safe. We'll talk soon.


Amy Sullivan said...

Atta boy, bummer about the computer.
We have had lots of rain here in Richmond too.
I had my husband watch your husbands utube videos, he enjoyed them too. Oh & he got a kick out of the picture of him with Edger Winters. We are in the same generation. Smile, Amy

Everwild said...

Sorry to hear about the casualties, Susan, but I'm glad you're both okay. We can replace computers. You? Not so much.



Suzie said...

Wow Im glad your safe. I would love love a laundry room. Good luck with that.