Friday, August 15, 2008

Cherries and The Odd Man Out

Just a quick post (typed whilst wearing my new glasses...I can see!!!) to show you my latest art using Copic Markers. I have mentioned them before, when I got them for Christmas and I am often trying to find new ways to use them. This little piece, which I am calling " Odd Man Out" is based on lesson three in my watercolor book. I liked the image for that lesson, but wanted to see how it translated to markers.

I used this paper, shown below, which I got at our local art supply store. I had forgotten how cool an actual art supply store is. I appreciate having an excellent craft store near by, but wow, nothing compares to a real art supply store. I got some India ink markers and a red leafing pen, as well as the pad. This pad turned out to be pretty sturdy. I layered approximately 10-12 colors on the background of this piece. Hope you like the results.

Well, it's off to see Heather for my mani/pedi. I'm waaaaay overdue. Bad girl.

One last thing, I won't be able to make my Artist's meeting tomorrow. Haven't missed one for a while, but DH has a friend in the Journey tribute band Frontiers, and they are in town tomorrow night and not only will I take extra time to get ready, but we want to get there early, it will be packed. Hope all my arty friends have a great time and I'll see them soon.

That's all for now, but I'll certainly keep you posted if anything happens.

btw... the lovely plum was an exercise in how to recover from a boo-boo, or should I say "happy little accident".


Everwild said...

Nicely done, Susan. It looks like the pens blend really well, too.

I hope you guys have a blast tomorrow. Take care!

suze said...

I love it! And I love those Copic pens too.
Have a great weekend!

suze said...

Geez...I missed a few days here. Happy Belated Anniversary! And I know you will sell that hat on e-BaY. Jay Leno always has crazy things people buy and sell on e-Bay. He makes the audience guess if it sold or not. Anyway I think the hat is a hoot.