Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Book

Hey there y'all. I took advantage of another Jo Ann's coupon and got a new book to add to my collection. It is "How to Make Polymer Clay Beads", by the talented Linda Peterson. Check out her website here. I haven't really purchased any polymer clay books for about 3 years and I'm sure there are lots of new ones out there. I am looking forward to working on some of the projects.

I am thinking about getting rid of these books and replacing them with more current ones. Do you have any ideas on replacements? What is your favorite Polymer Clay book?

My hubs and I went to see Dark Knight yesterday. I really loved it. I hadn't been to keen on going, since there was so much personal drama attached to the movie. Don't wait until video for this film. It needs to be seen (and heard) on the big screen. It was fabulous. The special effects are superb and all the acting is award winning.

Yikes, Thursday I have a dentist appointment and then my sweetie and I have pedicure appointments for Friday. I haven't had a manicure since February when I did the post about my hands. Since I have made some new friends since then that may have missed it, I'll give you a quick peek. I hope you have time to check it out.

I do seem to have a free day tomorrow. Tropic Thunder comes out tomorrow. I'm not sure I can handle two movies in one week. If we don't do the movie, what else can I get into? Whatever it is, you can bet it will be fun. I will post pictures if anything artsy turns out fabulous.

Talk soon, take care, give kisses all around and go make art!!!


sashibala said...

I love your post about your hands. :) It reminded me of the Blessing of the Hands my husband and I had incorporated into our wedding ceremony. (There are a lot of references to it online if you do a search for it.)

Good luck at the dentists!

Suzie said...

Get hot pink toes they always looks fun

Anonymous said...

Of course all my polymer books are about making dolls! But that looks like fun...Sue Heaser writes books on making polymer dolls and dollhouse miniatures, and they are very clear and easy to follow. A belated happy anniversary to you and your sweetie - what a lovely picture! My husband and I celebrate our third anniversary on August 19th...we're planning on seeing the Dark Knight this weekend, so I as happy to see your rave review. Love the new haircut, too!

Modesty said...

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