Friday, October 3, 2008

Glam Rock and Big Hair

The hubby and I were in the computer room listening to music, as we surfed the net. He, as some of you know, is a musician. He was listening to something that sounded like Doo-Wop, which is so not my style, and inwardly, I'm thinking "grrrrr, grrrr, change it, please", so I proceed to ask him something like, how can you listen to music that sounds so, so...( insert your own word here)... and that innocent comment led to a lengthy "musician speaking to a listener" conversation about the roots of rock and roll, and he mentioned that T. Rex was considered Glam Rock.

Here's the scoop, I loved Glam Rock. I loved theatrical rock. I loved sexy, macho, boys prancing around in glittery spandex and make up. In fact, I loved glam rockers so much, that I MARRIED one. Yes, you heard me right. DH used to be in an eighty's glam/hair band. I kept his hair bleached out light like C.C. DeVille, and we bought him a pair of silver spandex at the mall. He mastered Aqua Net and black eyeliner.

The band called themselves "Victim", and he ended up leaving them after only a few gigs. He was way too cute for that band. They replaced him with someone, not nearly as cute. Someone that wouldn't automatically steal the spotlight from the "slightly pudgy and already balding" front man, who as you see in this picture, made an attempt to be cool by getting the world's worst horse-hair extensions, but that's another story.

I was a typical rocker wife. Big hair, short skirt, zebra belt and a glitter teardrop comprised the perfect outfit. The outfit that would indicate to the unknowing that you were "with the band".

The other girl in this picture made her outfit out of a man's undershirt. She cut it in half and paired it a black tank and black tights and a silk scarf belt. Rock on with your bad self.

Now stop laughing and get control of yourself. It was the 80's. We all did it.

When you have time, check out the shining stars on this website called Glam Greats, or go to YouTube and look for bands like T.Rex, Sweet, New York Dolls and the like. Enjoy the great music of the past. You know you want to.

Have a great weekend. Take care and have fun.


Kim said...

I'm trying to pick my jaw up from the floor! I would never ever have pictured you an 80's girl!!! I myself was an 80's girl as well...Aqua-Net, ripped sweatshirts, bangles by the dozen, thick eyeliner, awwww those were the days huh!!!! Anyway, that is such a cool little tidbit that you shared!!!

Kims Art said...

This was such a great post! you looked great and you fit in perfectly with the times. I am sure you have lots of stories you could tell.

suze said...

I never had "big hair" but my daughter did. Hairspray was everywhere!
Cute photos.

sashibala said...

Glam rockers and 80's hairbands were and are still totally awesome! And the best of the 80's styles are coming back. Woot!

Suzie said...

OH NO!!! That is too funny. I love it. Write more baout this I meed ot hear more and for goodness sake post some more photos this is the best post ever!!!

Amy Sullivan said...

I loved this post~
bringing back fabulous memory's!
back then you could whip up a cute little outfit out of just about anything.
i was forever cutting up my sweatshirts, cut out the neck~ cut off the sleeves~ & boom cute.
another thing i used to do was walk around without a bra~ oh my~
i am small chested~ so ~ i figured i didn't need one.
i have very curly hair~ so , i used to twist it up in different ways & add flowers & antique hair combs.and~ there was always that handy ban~dannah,it made a great belt, tie back your hair or even a halter top.
keep writing about the 80's Susan~
& I will join you~ I have some wonderful pictures from then~;D


mcdc3s said...

What great shots... lol. Yeah, the 80's were "my day"... but technically it should have been the 70's - (age wise). I just connected more with the whole 80's, music, style... everything. I loved my big hair... but didn't do the hair spray thing... but my teenage daughters did. LOL