Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Night's Concert

Here we are at the concert.

I am not a musician, I am a listener. For me, music is like that I know what I like and what I don't. As some of you know, I am a fan of 80's music, Disco and Techno, and Heavy Metal. I don't particularly care for doo-wap, but I am pretty much open to other music, alternative, country, bluegrass,...why I've even been to an opera. That being said, I did enjoy the show last night. Sierra Hull is a beautiful young lady, who is extremely talented. She was with musicians who were equally as skilled, and they all seemed down to earth and happy to be there. This certainly showed in their music.

The setting was very intimate, probably less than two hundred people. Sierra was even able to hear what the folks in the front rows were saying, and she talked a bit to the audience while they tuned their instruments between songs. She is young, probably no more than eighteen , but her stage presence and rapport with the audience, are that of someone much older. Granted she has been performing since she was eight years old, and I'm sure that accounts for her ease on stage.

The main thing that I got from last night's performance ( and this is just a personal opinion) was that the audience seems to appreciate the speed and complexity of their chord changes, more than vocal ability, and what I might call normal playing, or even the meaning of the lyrics. This group certainly gave the crowd what they wanted, judging by the whistling and applause during and after each song.

This was probably a fantastic performance for the musicians in the crowd. For folks like me, that are not musically talented, and maybe don't fully understand what it takes to play like this, it felt like overkill. Almost a little like they were showing off, instead of trying to move me . This may have been because it was such a small room, versus a concert hall ...or it may just be the type of music...or it may just have been that they are all fairly young, I just don't know.

Any way that is my review of Sierra Hull and Highway 111. These are very talented musicians, but maybe not the best ones to see, if you want to introduce someone to instruments that are not electric. They may become quickly discouraged and think they will never be able to play like this. Then on the other hand, it would certainly be something to aspire to. You see, I really don't know what I'm talking about, so take that into consideration.

I'll be back later with photos of a polymer clay necklace that I am working on, which is turning into something of a departure for me. Don't change that dial, I'll be back soon.

Take care. TTFN

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Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love small concerts. We never go to the big ones anymore. Well, with the exception of Bruce husband is a big fan.

You look great! What a wonderful photo!