Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little bit of art...

I am going into a sugar tail spin if I continue to look at that candy. This calls for some art. I did another icon this weekend. I used purple craft foil, drew my design on lightly and then embossed with a variety of tools. I used several types of metallic paints on the picture. I glued it to a 3" x 5" wooden plaque, which I had accented with the same colors that I used on the metal picture.

It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. As you may have heard me say, I like to do arts and crafts while I watch tv. Here is a shot of a work in progress. I haven't done any ATC's for a while, so I thought I would work on backgrounds while I lounged on the sofa.

I am using a pad of hot pressed, 140 pound watercolor paper, sized 7" x 10". I should be able to get several ATC's out of a sheet this size and still have lots of pieces left over for collage or mixed media pieces. Hmmm...maybe some inchies. We'll see.

An interesting tool I am using here is a water color brush that has a tube for holding water. Some of you may be familiar with this little guy, but it was new to me. I just happened to find it the other day in my supplies. It seems just the thing for watercolor pencils.

You gently squeeze the barrel and it delivers a pre-measured amount of water to the brush. It seems to be a good idea to stroke the brush over a paper towel between colors, but other than that I have not had any problems with this brush.

Well, that's what I am working on today. Hope you are having fun. What with family members starting to arrive and turkeys thawing in the dryer, there is a lot to be done this week. I had thought we might eat out Thursday, but we decided to do a quick little Thanksgiving style dinner here at home. So we hit our favorite Krogers for some last minute supplies.

That's where we were when the cashier started almost drooling over my hubby. While checking out, I had mentioned that we had changed our minds about going out for dinner. She said something to the effect of, "if I had a good looking man like that at my house, I would grab and cook something frozen and spend as much time as possible just with him !" She, then was able to regroup and say something like "you look really nice, too". Yep, he's still got it, after all these years. He is living proof that you certainly don't have to be that young to make the ladies throw back their shoulders, flip their hair and take notice. It was actually pretty cute. I tell him all the times that ladies are checking him out, but he never knows it. I think even he noticed this time.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back soon with more goodies, but I'm not sure just what kind. Have a good evening and don't stress yourself out over all the festivities, they will be over soon enough.


Edit: In addition to doing all the holiday related things that we love, I am going to be working on my computer. I realized that I am trying to keep up with six personal sites. It is time for me to scale down some. I will be dropping off from following several of your blogs and I will be adding some new blogs to my sidebar. Please don't be offended if, in my attempt to regain control of my computer time, I have to leave you for a while. It certainly isn't personal. Thanks, I knew you would understand.


Kims Art said...

It really did turn out great! I did not know about that brush. I have to have one of those! What do they call it?
Happy Thankgiving!

Suzie said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your handsome hubby

Melissa said...

Thanks for commenting on my 'Silver-Hair Sisterhood' blog.
I hope that blog will serve to en-
courage the ladies that come up to me and say how much they like mine,
or how they wish they could 'be brave' and do it.

Your hair LOOKS AWESOME!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's full of art and snuggling with your hubby!

marni said...

so you've caught the icon bug too? Love the colors you used...and that you did one with your signature.

I'll finish mine this weekend and send a pic.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!