Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's Baaaaack!

Thanks to all my friends for the well wishes. I feel so good today, that I have to say that perhaps I really did have a touch of something. How's that for vaguely admitting that I may have been feeling bad. I never did get any symptoms of cold or flu, and I might have had just a tiny bit of a head ache, but this morning after a really good night's sleep, my feeling of well being has returned.

I do wish everyone could experience this type of feeling. I have always jumped out of bed in the morning, singing and dancing. It used to drive my family crazy. I shake and tap my feet while I brush my teeth and I do James Brown moves when I make the coffee. I disco when I vacuum and I pop and lock during the commercials. You would think that I would be a tiny version of a person, but alas I am a normal sized chick.

One of the crazy things that I have done over the years is Themes. It might have been only a theme for the day, or it may have been the year when I decided to wear nothing but pink and black clothes for the whole year.

This blouse was more of a coral color, but it got the job done. The hair, was in the first stages of at home blonding. It took many months, to get the back as light as the front, but I finally did it. My hair has apparently been lighter in the front than the back for many years now. This picture is from the early 90's, most likely 1993 or 1994. Check out the Sally Jesse Raphael reading glasses. Cool, huh?

One year I decorated the area surrounding my desk at work in Tellytubbies. That was a hoot. I was always humored in my eccentricities.

Talk about humoring your girls, I always thought it would have been fun to be one of the daughters of a wealthy landowner in the old know, where the daughters learned to sew and draw and plan and execute parties for Papa.

I sometimes think being a party planner would be the perfect job. I love to cook and bake, and decorate and plan out things like that. I can solve problems and maybe I could be a detective at the same time. I read a lot of novels about crime solving caterers and such. I have always imagined myself in the place of the main characters in the books I read...

My first playmates were the Bobbsey Twins (Laura Lee Hope) and then Eddie and Betsy (Carolyn Haywood), I quickly went to Nancy Drew (Carolyn Keene, a sign perhaps?) and then my favorite series, Cherry Ames (Helen Wells), everyone wanted me to be a nurse. It's funny how I remember all these books.

Everyone in my family were avid readers. Except my brother who "looked at" car magazines. Looking at magazines did not qualify as reading at our house. The fact that my brother grew up to be a fairly good mechanic and has restored several cars may have had something to do with all those magazines, but at the time I was quite a snob about reading.

Well, that's all for today. Perhaps, I'll be back later with more crazy pictures. I found one showing what the perfect activity is for a "snow day".

Take care and thanks again, all your sweet comments made me feel so much better.


sashibala said...

Susan, I am so glad you are feeling better! I also love the fact that you've always indulged yourself in your whims... like your Themes! It only occurred to me recently that I've done the same thing so it's funny to me that you mentioned it. :)

Suzie said...

I love the theme idea. I wanna try it.

Amy Sullivan said...

~ I am sorry you have been feeling yucky lately~ I have had those days too~& it is a shock~ I don't like feeling out of it~

Maybe all you need is an AWARD !!!
This morning i had my very own Award Ceremony~ & guess what? I have an award waiting for you at my bloggy~
sorry i could not deliver it in person~

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Cute picture! Had a pair almost exactly like that. Though they were so heavy my nose always hurt after wearing them! Glad you're back and feeling yourself again. The world could use a few more people like you!