Monday, December 8, 2008's cold

First off I want to say thanks to my bloggie friends that had rubber stamp ideas. I have already completed several things. In addition to doing stamp art, I needed to revamp my outdoor decorations. I usually just put up a sleigh bell wreath with a ribbon for a very low-key, rustic look. This year I got out my box of goodies to dress the wreath up a bit.

I did a thorough house cleaning of all my stash, which included excess Christmas trims, earlier this year. I was actually surprised to find that I had saved a box that had a bunch of good stuff in it. All it takes is a pair of wire cutters, and a few other bits of fancy stuff to change a very rustic wreath into a bit of holiday glimmer.

It was quite windy and cold, but I got my wreath up with no problem. I don't do a lot of decorating, but I do like to do something for the porch and lights around the lamppost. Maybe next year I will go all out and do something really elaborate. In the meantime, this is my take on the traditional holiday wreath.

Take care and stay warm and cozy.


Funky Art Queen said...

Hey, that looks like my house where my front door is. The wreath is lovely and creative. I need to take a pic of my area so you can see what I'm talking about. Hey Susan, come over and participate in my Christmas contest. Fun! Oh and bring some friends!

Kims Art said...

It sounds like we have been up to the same thing. I am even thinking of making some christmas cookies. I have not done that in years! The wreath looks great with the colors of your house.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I LOVE that wreath! Did you see my blog today? Great minds think alike!

Jingle jingle.

marni said...

love the wreath...btw, I think you are about to run out of doors to put these wreathes on...mine, on the other hand, is empty...just a subtle hint from a friend in need thrown to a friend in deed. Heh. That was so wrong. Seriously, you're so creative, the things you come up with.