Monday, February 16, 2009

He Expects Nothing Less...

My hubby and I don't go in for the traditional Valentine's Day things. We smooch and hug all the time anyway, and we buy each other things throughout the year, so I always "surprise" him with a sappy sweet handmade card. This year I added a little sculpture for his desk. Fortunately, he is used to my offbeat style and likes anything I, so lovingly, present to him. Here is his new art...

click for an enlarged view

Yes, it is a piece of art made from a grape stem. I fashioned the base from polymer clay and painted it a bit. I painted the grape stem here and there, and glued a raccoon bead to the base. The seeds were added so the 'coon would have some food, but they ended up looking like pulled baby teeth, so that's a bit yucky. When I gave this lovely item to DH, he looked up at me with the funniest look on his face and then just smiled and shook his head. He did add this little bit of art to his desk. I think he actually likes it.

I also practiced with my new Derwent Graphitint pencils. They are water soluble colored graphite pencils. Very subdued colors that really pop when you touch the wet brush to them.
A bit of a departure for me, as I usually use very bright colors, but I like them a lot.

click me, too

This was just a few quickly scribbled lines that reminded me of hair, so I added some wonky facial features just for practice purposes. The colors are so subtle, I can think of lots of applications for them.

Well, that's it for now. Remember that if I haven't gotten your address yet for your heart, feel free to go to my profile page to my contact section, and send me your info. Love y'all bunches, so take care and wish us good numbers on our cholesterol tests tomorrow.


Tina said...

That is so funny, I sat down with a stem of grapes and when I ate each one off leaving just the stem, I was admiring the narley little stem and here I get on your blog and see that you actually used it in a peice of art. How cool!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hee-hee... I love it! I knew exactly what it was too! What a sweet Valentine's Day present. :> )

Suzie said...

That is so nice about the hearts. Ill email you today. My cholesterol at last check was 300!!! But my grandmother had 400 and she lived until 98 so I'm not to upset. I hope your numbers are much much better than mine.

Kristen Hermanny said...

I love your creative mind, lady!
This is great! I love the drawing and the soft colors. I love that I started sketching again and I forgot how fun it was to color. I am always seeing something out of another thing...

Have a great and creative, wonderful day!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

The girl is cute! Clever use of the grape vine too.

Kristen Hermanny said...

How about another award!!!
There is one for you on my blog!
I am in the middle of grabbing and linking, so it may take a minute!


Kims Art said...

Who would have thunk it? You! Very clever! Good luck on the cholesterol! I just went to the doctor today and mine is way to high, so I have to take med for it. I asked them to try to let me get it down with diet six months ago, but the diet did not work, so because of heart problems in family at a young age. I have decided to take the darn medicine. I am only going to take half of what they say and see if that brings it down. I Like to do things the natural way if at all possible.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh Susan ... I have not tried Graphitint .
I've just been hooked on the colored pencils
Should I buy some to try ?
Looks like you had fun with them !
Happy [belated] Valentine's Day !

Ronnie said...

Hey Susan! I am loving that girl with the hair drawing. This doesn't look like messing around to me.
Enjoyed your posts of the last few days. What a love affair you two have. Nice to hear this kind of story.
Also love your cat. I'm dusting off and scouring my Dick Blick catalog. I have heard so much about the Derwent pencils.
I am thrilled about my heart and I'm sure it's beautiful. THanks Susan. You are a sweety.