Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a few things

I am just showing you a few things I have been working on lately. I mentioned last week that I got new supplies for Valentines Day and I have been having a blast. My hubby is so good about letting me do my thing for hours at a time. He is the best. So here we go...

Since I am always trying to duplicate glass art, (lampwork, fused, etc.) in polymer clay, I am constantly on the look out for a product that dries clear. I have done a bit of faux work with UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) and like the results, except it is not that easy to work with hot glue and it does have an amber tint when completely "cured".

All that being said, here is a product called Liquid Glass

It has to dry overnight, but the results are stunning. It is a clear plastic and cannot be heated (guess how I know?) but when completely dry, after being layered with iridescent papers that are by the same company, you get a pretty good duplication of that dichroic look.

Something like this...

I also like the look of little items enclosed in glass (think aquarium beads, usually done in lampworking), so this is just an experiment to see if it would work with Kato Clear Medium.

This is a great product. So much better than Translucent Liquid Sculpey, which usually scorches when I try to gloss it up with the heat gun. It does seem a bit thinner than TLS, but if you cure the layers first in the toaster oven, and then heat it, you get a very clear and hard finish.

This shot doesn't really show that these canes are completely enclosed in the Kato clear medium. But I'm sure you get the idea. I plan on making some itty-bitty fish and enclosing them, also.

I made several canes, also this week using the technique developed and so generously shared by our friend and polymer clay artist, Cindy. Thanks Cindy, you are so talented and we all look forward to what you will come up with next!

Never knowing what to do with canes, I made a couple pair of earrings just as practice...

You may remember that I like to take my scrap clay and see what I can make from it at the end of the day. Here is a bead I made from scrap clay, smooshed together in a loaf shape and then twisted.

I liked it so much that I got out some other beads and using black Accuflex wire, I crimped my way to this...

A quick update on my cholesterol testing, my results were really good with my total cholesterol being 193. Hubs is gradually bringing his levels down. Now we are off to the grocery store for lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Eating healthy, especially organic, is a bit more expensive, but the taste and the long term benefits are so worth it.

I'm working on sending my hearts to you all. I have gotten addresses from about half of my bloggy friends, so hang in there, if I haven't gotten yours yet, I'll be e-mailing you soon to remind you.

Take care, and have a great day!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

the "glass" is so pretty! Also so glad to hear your cholesterol is good. I've been buying more organic lately as well. Like you said it is more expensive but worth it.

Tina said...

I LOVE THIS! How fun!

Fran said...

WOW! You have been busy. Great product you found. Love the bead and all your work.

Funky Art Queen said...

ooohhh i wanna try that liquid glass. Have you ever used diamond glaze? It's always fun to see what actually works on clay for that glass look.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

I haven't seen the liquid glass before Susan, it looks cool! How scratch resistant is it? I find UTEE scratches too easily and isn't really the best for pieces that get wear like bracelets and such.

Have you tried using resin to get a glass look? People are doing some pretty great stuff with polymer clay and resin, and it is hard as a rock. Can even sand and buff that stuff!

Thanks for the mention. I skimmed the article and hadn't noticed that, but then as I read more carefully there it was. A pleasant surprise! Thanks!

marni said...

Neato! Your necklace turned out really pretty, love the colors and how they look when twisted together.

Angela Recada said...

Now liquid glass is also on my growing list of things I still want to try! Thanks for the info.

Isn't it fun to try all those different shapes when making beads? Your photo reminds me that I have some twisted beads I made years ago hidden away somewhere, too. I like the necklace you made using yours as a focal bead.

Congratulations on your cholesterol. Fruits and veggies are the way to go!

Take care!

Kims Art said...

It is always good to hear about products. I love what you did with them! Good to hear about your cholesterol!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I LOVE the necklace! That bead is gorgeous!
Congrats on getting your cholesterol down. YaY!
Isn't it truly amazin' how much better you feel when you eat healthy? :> )

Kristen Hermanny said...

This faux glass look is amazing! It sure looks like you have a great deal of fun with your work, I love the relaxed shapes that you create.
Great job on the cholesterol!!! I have to go back in 5 more months and see if my triglycerides and sugar are lower. I am real close to being diabetic. I have lost 14 pounds since mid December. Great job on your working on your health!