Sunday, February 22, 2009

I just wasn't likin' it...

You remember my work in progress from the other day

Well, several things about this design just didn't set with me. Keeping in mind that I'm not a professional, but have been making jewelry for a long, long time -remember Pop Beads-? anyway, after putting this together in the design above, I felt that some more refining was in order.

I tried to duplicate the look of a handmade glass bead and am actually very pleased with the result. It seems, though, that combining a glass look bead with natural stone beads, seemed a bit off. Also the black wire and crimp beads, which I really like in other applications, just seemed to take away from the look of this focal bead. I have lots of other beads in my stash so I took everything apart and after trying several other ideas I came up with this...

This is a shorter necklace, and I used textured glass beads in purple, smooth glass beads in teal green and smaller beads in an iridescent purple.

I had just about given up on wearing short necklaces again, because I have become so conscious of the effects of gravity on my neck. I just decided yesterday, "shoot, who cares?" The lines aren't going to go away so why should I limit myself, when I love jewelry so much. So I put it on and it looked pretty good, lines and all.

I suppose this is just another step in the journey of aging. Accepting your new look and even embracing the changes. I'm rocking the silver hair, so why not start rocking the rest of it? You just watch!

Well that's all for now. Take care, have a great Sunday and don't forget to rock your look.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

As always lovely lovely piece! BTW, you rock, wrinkles or no wrinkles. We're all getting them sister. have a great Sunday!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Right on, sistah! Gravity---schmavity!

Have a good one Susan!


Kims Art said...

I like your talk! Age is only a number and we will show the next generation how you do it. I will love every wrinkle I get and I will wear it proudly. I will never wear clothing that says old. I will wear makeup until I can not see to put it on and then I will get someone to help me put it on.LOL!

Kristen Hermanny said...

I think you are beautiful. Inside and Outside! You can wear anything you want!
Have a Great Day!
I really like your focal bead on this necklace. I like how the whole thing turned out.


Tina said...

Love the necklace and I'm inspired by you.

Suzie said...

I think its pretty

Angela Recada said...

The new necklace is beautiful. I love your attitude about hair and wrinkles! I, too, have embraced my silver hair for years now, and would never go back to dying it.
You are beautiful, inside and out!
Take care,

marni said...

I love this new stuff...the colors in that twisted bead are awesome!