Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whew, too much cake!

The hubby had a great birthday and really enjoyed his cake. The thing is, we don't eat cake and ice cream and now he is experiencing insomnia, headaches and other symptoms. I personally think it is directly related to the sweets.

We found this advertisement in an old romance comic book and thought it was quite telling.

I think we've been searching for the secrets for quite sometime.

I guess I'm an enabler when it comes to pampering my hubby. When he asks for sweets, I indulge him. Perhaps it's time I go Jillian on him (and me) and whip us into shape.

What's your favorite way to get back on track when you have overindulged? How do you motivate yourself and your family to stay healthy when everyone wants to hibernate? If only those .25 diet books were around now, I know that would be the answer. In the meantime, sound off and let us know what is working for you.

I don't know about you but I have been a CRAB for several days (sorry, Sweetie). It's been raining here this week and I seem to want to blame the weather for my mood. I guess we should just try to hang in there, even if it means wearing a SAD visor for a boost of energy. I'm sure we'll get through these "twilight at noon" days and make the most of the health, well being and other things that have been given us.

I say let's keep our chins up, grab some fruit, (count our blessings) and watch our favorite shows tonight. I'm sure the rest will certainly fall into place.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Kristen said...

I have been cranky too!
I like to try and do the Clean Eating "Cooler" Plan. I am not very good at staying on track, but have lost 8 pounds in the last month. We both have... Tosca Reno has a GREAT book series called the Eat Clean Diet, and Cookbook, now for men as well. (We eat lots of recipes out of the cookbooks and the Clean Eating Magazine, and started shopping at Whole Foods exclusively.
We feel great, and my blood sugar has been staying around 100 instead of 120! Much better, I am "pre-diabetic" according to my Dr. and hopefully I have reversed the onset for a few more years??? My dad kept diabetes away until he was 70 years old (fingers crossed).
Have a good night, enjoy your shows!!!

Nezzy said...

Yep, sugar can make us wildly crazy and do all sorts of things especially if we haven't been indulging.

Have a great day!!!

Kimberly Lynn said...

Belated Happy B-day to the DH. He has the same B-day as one of my brothers. I love cake and cookies, so I have found that after the party. I cut the cake into slices(serving size) and put it into the freezer. That way it stops me from eating too much and because I cut it in slices, when I do pull it out of the freezer, it's just one slice.

Kimberly Lynn said...

The comment by Kimberly Lynn is Sea Gypsy. I am doing another blog that is going to be my dolls(fantasy art) and did not realize I was under that name. I have just started working on it.

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I hear you sister about being cranky. I can so relate.

Diane said...

It has been raining her for weeks almost non stop. I blame the lack of sun on my moodiness. I've been popping Vitamin D pills to try and counter the overcast days.... :O)

suze said...

You are getting the nasty weather that was hanging over our heads for a good week or so. I have tons of lights in my studio. I just turn them on and go. Do you watch Dr.Oz? He has been on for three weeks now and I have learned soooo much! He is helping me with understanding being over weight and what it does to you.
Have a great weekend!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Susan !
Happy Birthday to your husband
I haven't read Atlas Shrugged yet !!!!
I HAVE to get to it
and Yeah .... Three Stooges for me too

Tricia said...

happy birthday to your hubby!
sugar makes me feel like absolute crap. and i know this and yet i still crave it sometimes. :(
...thinking of cookies stepdaughter made last night.....

noodle and lou said...

oh no!! i hope all that yuckiness is way behind you both. i hear you on the cranky part though. it is SO cold here already and we've had lots of gets to be a little depressing. luckily i had a super busy and fun weekend and i heard we MIGHT get back into the 60's this week! pinch me...i will ALMOST be running around my neighborhood in a bathing suit celebrating. not really...we don't need any police involved. heheee!!!

thanks for the way sweet blog comment susan:) xoxo...jenn

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hopefully the sun has come out in your parts. I get a lil' cranky after a very long winter. Too much of the white stuff. Actually, I get more nutty. I have a need to see grass. (Weird huh)
Yep, sugar can make you feel like crap. High fructose corn syrup makes me sicker than heck and its in almost everythin'. :> (

Kristen said...

OOOH! you have to post, you are past 10 comments :) LOL!
I am glad I got such a horrid response out of everyone over the rat tails.. That means they look great! YAY! Hope you are having a most wonderful and crafty exciting week!