Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting ready for next week

Yes, Miss Kristen, you are right. It is time for me to make a new post. The hubby and I are getting ready for our yearly visit to the Left Coast. My sister always gives us a trip out to see her as our Christmas gift. This year we are going to be staying in a different area, and we are looking forward to that.

One of the things we needed to do to prepare for the trip, is to make sure our outside light was working properly. It has been flickering lately and we don't want to have to ask the neighbor to come over in the yard and whack the lamp post to make it work. Of course I waited until it was already dark to ask DH to go out and work on it. He is quite capable and certainly not scared of the dark, but I still went with him to hold a flash light while he stood on the ladder and changed the bulbs. He put the first one in and since he had enough light from the bulb that was burning, I moved the flashlight. While I was watching him, I decided that maybe he did still need the flash light, so without saying anything, I swung the light back up to where DH was fiddling with the light and he thought a BAT had swooped by and started to jump and swat on the ladder. I, being the immature juvenile that I am, thought this was extremely funny. I was able to get back in the house before having a complete giggling fit. He is such a good sport. He has to be, because I'm so silly and goofy, that I have these fits quite often. Sometimes he laughs with me, sometimes he just shakes his head.

(if you know who this is, you are as nutty as I am)

So we're off to the p.o. to have our mail delivery delayed until we return and to pick up any incidentals that we may have forgotten. We are only going to be gone for 4 days, but for me it might as well be a month. I'm a home body, and not the best traveler and I can't seem to find my motion sickness bracelets. I have to wait until almost the last minute to get everything ready, because I make myself a bit too nervous otherwise. We're not leaving until Sunday morning, and I still have laundry to do and my nails to do and such. I always like to make sure the house is clean before we leave, because a clean house is so nice to come back to.

Well, I suppose that's it for today. I don't know if I will make a post while I'm gone. We are taking the laptop, but I'm not sure I know how to load pictures on it. Oh, wait...I don't really have any pictures today, either. Maybe I'll wait until we return and post all kinds of cool vacation photos, I'm sure everyone will love that. Now, I'm making just myself nervous about that. I need to regroup and calm down. It's only a five hour flight...I can do this. There will not be an earthquake, followed by a tsunami...I can do this. I'll have my DH there with me...I know I can do this.

Nervous? Who me? Just a bit. I'm usually all right once I get on the plane. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I'll be back soon, rested and raring to go. Have a great rest of the week. Look to the sky Sunday and give us a wave. Stay healthy and happy, warm and toasty, creative and artful and all will be just fine.

Talk to you soon.


Nezzy said...

Ya'll have the best trip. Relax and breathe in....breathe out. Ahhhhhhh.
Nope, ya don't sound the least little bit nervous. Enjoy time spent with your sis.

Have a great week and look forward to hearing about your trip. God speed........

Marie S said...

Have a great trip and travel safe.
Have fun!!!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I can't believe it is that time again. It seems like yesterday that you shared that picture of the Jesus mountain or whatever it was. That was cool. You will be fine you silly billy. Have a great trip!

Kristen said...

Enjoy your trip, it sounds like a great time. I have a trouble on planes with my ears, so that makes traveling not so fun. We have to fly next weekend. I have to sit with my nose plugged and popping my ears ever 3 seconds.
I would have laughed my butt off at the bat incident. I too am juvenile with this type of humor.
Have a safe and wondrous journey! And I hope you have a nice seat neighbor!

Sea Gypsy said...

I just know you will have a great time and I can't wait to see the pics. I loved all the pics from your last trip. I know what you mean about the four days feeling like a month. Have fun!!!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Have fun and be safe my friend!
I giggled about the "bat" too!
Next time, use a slingshot.
Yep, I'm 45+ goin' on 9.
:> )

suze said...

What a nice gift. I know you will be just fine and have a great time. Just be sure to check in on your pilots...ha ha.
I am with you on the craziness...I refuse to grow up.