Saturday, December 26, 2009

Using Your Brain

I never really knew if she was kidding or not, but my Mom (God Rest Her Soul) used to say things to us like..."use your brain" or "try using your head for more than a hat rack" or her favorite... "if you had a brain you would probably take it out and play with it". I mean, come on now...that's pretty heavy. I always was a visual kid and I always visualized someone playing with their own brain. Now that I'm older and am married to an accomplished musician, I view playing with your brain in a completely different manner.

Sorry for the long intro, but that's what brought this next drawing to my mind.

Be sure to click on the picture if you need to. You will notice that his guitar actually has his brain hooked into it and the cords are veins and such.

I know it's a bit gross, but art sometimes isn't all lace and ruffles, now is it? I'm going to be using my brain more this year. I have spent the past several years learning different techniques in my art. I like to make jewelry and have learned about wire wrapping, chaine maille, and precious metal clay, just to name a few. I love to draw and am always trying to learn new skills and use new products. My painting skills are few and far between. One of the reasons I don't take courses in painting, is that I don't like to have a bunch of canvasses that I've painted just taking up room. Jewelry and polymer clay and drawing seem to take up much less space. I've accumulated so many supplies that space in a studio (or your entire house) is something you need to think about.

Any way, I've got my thinking cap on, and I think I am going to be doing things like beading on and off loom this year, as well as doing some decorating around the house. DH has already been warned and he's up for the challenge.

The new year is almost here, what kind of things are you thinking about doing? Have you done anything recently that you think I might like to try? I don't get to bounce ideas off of many people, so that's where you come in. Let me know what you love to do.

Well, that's it for today. Remember to use your head for more than just a hat rack and if you take your brain out to play with it, remember to put it back!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! We are still at our daughter's house enjoying our Grandkids.
My plans for the next year is to do much more art. Last year I didn't get to work on my art very much at all. I also plan NOT to stress this year, last year was so stressful!
So hopefully we both can use our brains & find the time to enjoy what we love to do!
Hugs to you my friend! Renea

Crafty Gal Linda said...

BTW, I like the drawing. :) It's very creative! I am planning to reorganize my multi-purpose room. I got the book Where Women Create and have some ideas on how I'd like to change things around a bit. I need to be better organized as it's just not my art studio, it's the computer room and a dining room from time to time. So that is what I'll be working on.

Tina said...

You are such an artistic soul and love the brainy art. Not so gross to me:)

I always enjoy seeing what you are doing and how you are stretching those artful muscles.

Be blessed

Nezzy said...

Most my artsy work of late has been the backdrops I paint for the Kids church each quarter. I paint the themed background on a white sheet. It's more like pushin' paint in and takes about four to five days to complete one. I don't recommend it.

I would like to start oil and water color painting again. I write...I have completed seventeen Childrens Books I really need to work on getting published. Elder care got in my way and I've never gotten back to it.

You enjoy your day my friend!!!

Kristen said...

I saw this on FB, but I love the story that goes along with it! Very cool! I like it even more now. I noticed the brain in it the other day, but the narrative just makes it all pull together.
Hope you had a great holiday! we did. Safe travels and all.

Jenny Stevning said...

Haha! I love this! Hello, Happiest Person on the Earth! I am glad you came by my blog. Now it is my turn to see the gems you are sharing.
We seem to enjoy playing with a lot of the same mediums!
Hmmmmm...this year I do so want to play with my brain some more...more play...more drawing. I actually got rid of a lot of my supplies (GASP)! I had to move...downsize...and I only wanted to keep what truly gives me glee. Well, no matter how I create and play I definitely know I spend more time honoring it because it is a gift!
Thank you!

Sandra der KnitNazi said...

Your drawing caught my eye, had to look!
Thank you for being my FIRST Blogger Follower, now I feel special! And what a surprise, a fellow Artist, what a surprise!

Here's hoping you are Walking on Air soon, and put those stones behind you~

Hugs and Happy New Year, my (new) Friend!

Nishant said...

find the time to enjoy what we love to do!
Hugs to you my friend!

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