Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's get ready to rumble....

After staying all day yesterday in my pj's, robe and leg warmers (Hi, Peanut), I woke up this morning to find another few inches of wintry mix. I didn't want to get up and dress, but I knew I had to. I couldn't really figure out what day it was either. I am pretty sure it's New Year's Eve, and that got me to thinking about resolutions and such. I don't usually make resolutions, but this year I am going to try to do several things.

I am going to try to help the hubby feel better. Certain foods cause him gall bladder pain, and he has been using herbal supplements and natural foods to avoid gallbladder surgery. He had done really well all year, then I just about ruined everything with sugary and salty holiday treats. Sorry, Sweetie, I'll get us back on track asap.

The other things that caught my eye this morning were these...

Yep, it's the paint and spackle table where all the magic happens. Sometimes it takes a lot of product to get that certain look. I've always loved cosmetics and make up and I need to make some changes in how I store things.

...and DH is going to create a custom shelving system in the closet, so I can have somewhere to put my shoes.

I really need to work on my jewelry. I have a friend that has an eleven year old daughter and I was going to borrow her to help me work on the jewelry box. The snow put a damper on them coming earlier to visit, but hopefully when she stops by Saturday, she'll have time to help organize this...

Yep, it's one of those four foot tall craft containers and it is full of jewelry. I emptied it several years ago, taking lots of jewelry to repurpose. I have another full one in my art area. Some of it I don't wear, but I'm quite fond of my collection and while I don't want to just do away with it, I'm fully prepared to let her have some if she wants it. Most of it is older than she is.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a project that drives me crazy and I always forget to do it.

I have so many clothes that need work. I have several blouses that the tags drive me crazy. I love Karen Scott tops, but the tags hurt like all get out. I have tee shirts that I need to cut the necks out of completely, because I can't stand anything touching my throat. I know it's silly but I get a choking sensation from the neckline from a tee shirt, so I "flash dance" them, in that always popular 80's style. I'm not one to usually wear a tee shirt when I'm out and about, but for around the house, a gal's gots to have a tee.

All of these projects bring us back to the title of the post..."Let's get ready to rumble". We know that what ever our projects are, we can't get them done until we hop over the rope and get in the ring. So let's get ready to tackle those chores and projects and pounds to be lost. Let's get in that ring and rumble!

Well, that's it for today. I hope everyone has had a good year, and if not, may next year be better. So to you all, have a truly blessed and Happy New Year.



Nezzy said...

Oh honey we share the same make~up mirror but you'd laugh hysterically if you saw my handful of make~up supplies. Heeeeheehe!

I have so enjoyed the sisterhood we have shared this past year and look forward to more of the same next year. :o)

Have the best New Year and may God bless ya'll!!!

kathyj333 said...

Hey Susan, Happy New Year.

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your goals for the New Year. Mine are a lot like yours....organize, get healthier and of course I want to make more art! Happy New Year to you and the hubs!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Awwwww a wise guy huh??? Ruff...Ruff...
Happy New Year my friend! ♥
P.S. I do the "Flashdance" thing too but not because of the tags. I do it in hopes I'll be able to dance. :> )

Sea Gypsy said...

I realy love the drawing you did in the last post. The floor makes it!
I am ready to rumble! I also love make-up and love buying new products. I keep mine stored in baskets under the table. The products still end up on top of the table. It is a challange to store all the things we gather. I am always on the look out for I treasure our friendship and look forward to all your future projects and art. It is going to be a great year!
Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit with us:)

cherokeefox said...

Sounds like you have plenty of projects to keep you busy for a while...I've been trying to finish off some of mine so I don't have to get started in 2010 with so many already on the plate. I only have one painting & one afghan to finish. The afghan is not high on the priority list because I just finished my husbands Tuesday. It turned out to be his birthday present, which is next week. I bought some new paint & brushes today so I can paint all the things I have been wanting for a while. I have an idea list a mile long for that. This will be a year to let my artistic talents come out, if all goes as planned. HAPPY NEW YEAR

A Mom With A View said...

sounsd like a great plan...I love your make up table ...Glad Ive found your blog..Happy New Year..!!

vivian said...

I think we all have things to put on a list for this year dont we? While I was reading yours, I remembered that I had bought new shelving paper to line all my cupboards, and that Ive wanted to repaint the woodwork in the living room for about 2 years! I'm afraid to think any further than those two things. I could get depressed if I really concentrate on all that needs to be done!
happy new year susan! Heres to another fun and creative year of blogging!

June said...

I love makeup too. I love buying it. I actually use the same five or six products every day. The rest could go, except that then I would feel free to buy replacements, just in case. So that wouldn't work.

I don't make resolutions. I never have followed through, and I'm not about to set myself up for failure! :-)

Silver said...

makeup, shoes and accessories. Tell me about that! It can drive one crazy just organizing it! But the trick is to get really good shelvings/storage that has compartments or organizers- i find that Ikea did the trick very well for me. ~Silver

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Susan!

Happy 2010! Wishing you a year full of love and creative happiness! Thanks so much for your sweet visits!

Lisa :)

Sandra der KnitNazi said...

....I cut off the tag on our mattress just because it said not to... ;)

Happy New Year GF!

Imma RebelWithaSchnoz~ :^)

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Oh how I envy you having the luxury of staying in your pj's alllll day! I'm looking for a day I can do that too. (: I can totally relate to the tag issue! And as for the crafts... Rumble is the perfect word! xxx Vicki

Kristen said...

Organization always feels so wonderful when it is done! I love having everything in it's place. Awesome goals, great job getting started on a tidy New Year!

lagirl said...

If you come up with a good way to store your jewelry please share it with us. I don't have nearly as much as you but I still can't find what I want when I want it. . .I share your passion for cosmetics. I actually consider myself a "Lipstick Junkie" and I'm thinking I would LOVE to look through all your potions and creams. Best of luck!

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh my gosh ... you have me laughing !
I loved this post
but I will just comment on the neck thing > I won't even let my hairdresser put that smock around my neck . I can't STAND it
and I hate the tags too
Happy New Year Susan . You're the best !

Tina said...

Happy New Year to you. I have been doing some cleaning and organizing too. Seems to be on the mind of the most creative I see.

God Bless

Ronnie said...

Happy New Year, Susan. Thanks for all the much needed Susan wisdom this year!
I smiled the whole time I read your post. I've got my list of resolutions started too. Wish us luck!