Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello World...

The new year does that to me. I just want to say "Hello World" and twirl around and toss my hat like Mary Richards. I don't do much twirling any more ( although I used to twirl as a majorette) but I plan on doing that and lots more this year.

I've been working on solutions for storing my numerous bottles and jars of sweet smelling loveliness, that I showed you last week. I'm thinking shelves on the wall next to the dresser, but we'll see.

I do a lot of online research and love to learn new things, especially art techniques. I have been using prisma color markers and copics for several years now, but I never thought to combine them with my other favorite medium, colored pencils. There's a young guy, named Merrill Kazanjian, that does amazing art using these and many other techniques.

I particularly like his tutorial on drawing an apple. I used his ideas, but used an apple instead of a picture. I did run into one problem, I need to have my glasses changed. I wear bifocals and I need to have trifocals. I just couldn't see the apple to draw, with it just sitting on my table, so I had to hold the dang thing. Well, that meant I had to draw my hand also, so here is a life sized version of my hand and apple.

Well, that was my first art project for 2010, but I'm really wanting to do some different things this year. That brings us to my friend Shelly, who does the most wonderful collages and I am so inspired by them. I know that I'm not ready for the detail that she puts in her's, but I love studying them. Here is the link to her Flickr page, so check them out.

There's another chick that does collages that my friend Linda and I have been watching. Her name is Teesha Moore and she has a very elaborate web page and she also has lots of youtube videos to watch when you have the time.

So it was off to Michael's for some paint pens, new journals and scrapbook papers. I don't have much in the way of printed paper to work from for collages, so it will be purchased paper and copied vintage photos to start out with.

I just fell in love with the skull paper and while some folks make their own journals, I really prefer the spiral bound art papers for mine. That gives you the option of gluing pages together for thicker pages if you want. Anyway, they were BOGO at Michael's yesterday.

Saturday, DH and I went to our favorite used book store, not only to sell some books (got enough for a fancy lunch) but to check out the old craft books, which I love. Of all the things I have done in years past, I have never done needlepoint. Probably from always having cats in my lap fighting me for the yarn. In any event, I found these two fab books and had to have them.

Don't these look like fun books to have. Can hardly wait to start a needlepoint project.

So that's were I am here on the first week in January 2010. Already learned a new art technique, am chompin' at the bit to do some cutting and taping and lettering on my collages and have needlework projects climbing into my dreams at night. Combine that with keeping the dust bunnies at bay, doing laundry and making sure my hair looks marvelous at all times, I'm also going to be using this book...

So if you want to follow my journey on getting fit and transforming my life, stop in periodically at my other blog (Let's Lose Weight This Year) and check it out.

So that's it for today. I'm hyped and psyched and ready to go. Jump in with both feet and join me. You'll be glad you did. Until then,



Nezzy said...

Ya' got it goin' on sista'! That's what I like, a girl with a plan.

Have a fun day planning and dreaming!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

You go girl! You have a lot of fun things in store. Right now I'm working in a composition book but I have water color paper and other paper that I could make into a journal if I want. I like using the comp. books because they are cheap and I can play. I use better journals when I draw and paint my little lady faces. Anyway, it's always a pleasure reading your blog and thanks for mentioning my name honey!

Amy Sullivan said...

~"Happy New Year Susan !"~
wonderful start for the new year.~

~I have 3 needlepoint projects setting in my closet~ I should finish them, yes, I should. :)~

~I also have been attacking "problem" spots in my home, funny how they can be invisible, then one day you look at them & think "how did this happen?"~
great ideal getting the young gal to help with the jewlry, little girls love stuff like that ~

lagirl said...

Is there nothing you can't do?
Obviously you're very talented. . .I'm gonna keep my eye on you and watch for all your new creations.

Tina said...

You are so very talented and I love the apple art.
Blessings on your exploration into the next artful pursuit.

BlueRidgeLady said...

I loved your apple painting!! This post was so inspiring seeing all the great things you found at the bookstore and the art supplies!!!! I have been enjoying the Teesha videos so much! Thats how I found out about the glue dots!!! Greatest thing ever invented! I ran out and could have sworn I bought a refil somewhere.....can I have yours? Thank you sweet friend for linking me in your post, so sweet of you to think of me. Hugs to you!

suze said...

Love it! It made me think of Susan Branch. So many fun projects...you've inspired me to get going today. Thanks for the new techniques to check up on.
Thought of you when we passed thru Roanoke on the way home.