Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes, I'm snowed in

I am snowed in, but I'm not unhappy at all. It started snowing early Friday morning (about 3 a.m.) and now at noon on Saturday it's still snowing. Due to the fact that at times it has been quite fine, we haven't gotten the accumulation that we did on Christmas Eve, but this is a heavy snow that is sticking to everything. Our neighbor had a new blade he was itching to try and he pushed and plowed everyone's driveways. After working (playing?) for hours, he finally realized it was an uphill battle.

He is a great guy and I'm sure when it finally stops, he'll be back out helping us all.

Here is the view down into my back woods...

A neighbor's tree sags from the weight of the snow...

A close up of a tree holding the snow, as if she loves it.

This shot, taken from my deck, shows even the tiniest branches grasping the it's some kind of winter game. I love it.

It's a good thing this red car has no where to be this weekend. It will take quite a bit of sweeping and a lot of hot cocoa for this neighbor to go out.

To help deal with the weather, I love to do art, especially coloring. I'm so glad to have such a talented artist friend as Jenny, who graciously shares an image to color. Please stop by and visit her and see my take on Jenny's art.

So, that's it for me today. I'll be staying in, having fun and counting my blessings. Power, cable, food and love...things we might take for granted, but really appreciate on a day like this.

Enjoy your weekend and have fun!


Marie S said...

Wonderful pictures Susan. I am so grateful it is not me. It looks so beautiful and yet so cold.
It is cold and rainy here and a little wind too. Well for us it is cold.
Thank you for sharing your pictures, I love to look at snow, it is gorgeous. So quiet looking.
Stay warm and good luck in my giveaway.
Have a warm and colorful and cozy weekend.
I loved your coloring, great job.
And Jenny's blog.
What a great neighbor!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I'm snowed in here too and I don't mind either. I love looking out at the snow. Have a fun artful weekend Susan.

Jill said...

Lucky you to have those beautiful woods in your backyard! I wish I did! Gorgeous pictures of the snow. Send some to Kansas would you? Ours has all melted! ~ Jill

Nezzy said...

It is beautiful when one can just sit by the fire and look out at it. I have a different take on it when I have to deal with daily chores and animals. Yep, I love my warm weather. We have another six inches of the white stuff predicted to tomorrow. UCK!!!

You have the best Saturday Susan just piled full of blessings!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh, it's so beautiful! And how dreamy, to be snowed in with your art, warm and dry.
Have a wonderful weekend!

JB said...

We had a lot of snow here too...everything was closed or cancelled today.
I'm glad to hear you are settled in with a hot cup of cocoa, a good book and a warm fireside.
Have a great and warm weekend!

Sandra der KnitNazi said...

OHAI! that looks like our Wisconsin woods, don't you feel important now!! :D

Have a beautiful Sunday and thanks for the great pix!

June said...

This is the oddest winter, isn't it?
There you are, buried, and here in the northeast we haven't had one normal snowstorm. We've had a few inches here and there, but usually by this time, the snowbanks are four feet tall!
Very odd.
I'd better go knock on wood now.