Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Friday post...

Just two pieces of art to share, this first one is my DH done in charcoal, still in progress...

and the second one is a pastel self portrait done by looking in the mirror with strong light on one side of my face.

Both of these portraits make us look way younger then we are.  My sister says, that's probably because I see us as we were instead of as we are.

What are your thoughts on that? Is my inability to draw the extra chins from my vision problems, or am I subconsciously too vain to include them?. Even at age 57, I have very few wrinkles, so I'm ok with that part.  The mirror was about three feet away from me, so maybe I couldn't see the imperfections, or maybe they just don't show up in a "painterly" portrait.  Anyway, I wish I looked this good.

Well, that's it for this week.  Perhaps I'll have something new next week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Say a prayer for DH and all the folks that will be attending various events in D.C. this weekend.

Take care and let us hear!


Nezzy said...

I think you portrayed yourself quite accuracy, your portrait looks just like ya girl. Now that hubs...'Haven't seen him but I would of guessed the fella in the picture was around 15-16. Maybe wishful thinking or like messes in the house...they just don't see it! Heeehehehhe! You both are very talented artists. Trust me...I know these things. :o)

God bless ya both and have a fantastic day!

Tina said...

I'm enjoying your sharing this artistic journey. I haven't tried a portrait in many years. It's such a frustrating thing for me. Yours are great. I like your hair and how you did it in yours.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Both are beautifully done Susan!!
I will be praying for all in D.C. tomorrow. ♥

Peri said...

The one of DH is coming along nicely!
The one of you is nice, except the pupil of one eye makes that eye look up and the pupil of the other eye makes that one look down. That is the problem with using a mirror, isn't it? You did a nice job, Sis! The reason you didn't put in the chins is that they are not visible when you hold up your head to look in the mirror to pose..the stretching of the neck does wonders for the middle-aged neck! I remember this look from your earlier years, only your hair was very dark! Wish I looked this good!!! Bravo, and keep going!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I think you do a GREAT job...I am very inpressed. Happy Sunday

vivian said...

good job on the portraits. I got a giggle as I was reading your post, because I thought, wow, her husband looks so young! I wish I could draw like that.
have a great week

Gift of Art said...

Hi Susan,
I love to see what other artists are doing. I think you are very talented and I loved looking at your paintings. Of the ones that are currently posted here, I think I like the flowers on the front porch best. It had an emotional tug on my heart strings and I tend to follow my heart before my head knows what's happening. Keep on painting!

Fran said...

Love your portraits. Makes me want to go back and do some drawing/paintings. I haven't done that in a long time. Now see, you got my drawing/painting creative juices flowing.
Love looking at your blog. It's been awhile since I visit your blog. Hugs, Fran

Tricia said...

loved stopping by and seeing your wonderful new work, susan! *hugs*