Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a quick post...

Just a quick post to show several things I have done over the last week.  With my  hubby in DC this weekend, I tightened up several paintings and did a couple new ones.

Here is a still life with a stack of books.  I set this up with two light sources so I could have lots of shadows.  If, during the painting process something seems a bit off kilter, I like to bounce ideas off my hubby.  He knows what he likes, and he can always tell me if he thinks an area needs attention to be more visually pleasing. While not an painter, he is an artist in his own right (musician, singer, videographer and computer guy, just to name a few)  and being a carpenter always helps, because he has such a good eye for angles.  Plus, I trust his opinion.

Next we have a still life painting of a vase. As you know,  I am trying to find my way with pastels. My style falling somewhere between impressionistic and realism.  I really love the look of impressionist art, but have trouble letting go details.  But for what it's worth, here it is.

These next shots are the result of a conversation with a friend. She mentioned that the last time she saw me at our mixed media art group, I was working on the beaded vest.  She asked that I post pictures of it again.  So even though I'm doing pastel paintings these days, I thought I would throw in some of my previous pieces for folks that haven't seen them. (pay no attention to my crazy hair or my tremendously large body)  So Norma, these are especially for you.

All in all, I put in about 40 hours on this beading.  I also added bits of lace and some pewer charms to it.  Perhaps it will soon be cool enough to wear it again.

Well, that's it for today.  Hope everyone is having a good week and is staying out of the path of Hurricane Earl.  Looks like the Carolinas could be in for a soaking.   Hang in there, and even though hurricane parties are 'da bomb, please take any notices seriously and head to higher ground if so advised. 

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.


Nezzy said...

I love the way the light bounces off the books, it's just perfect. Girl, beads??? Wow, that takes me back to all the hand beading I did on my wedding dress...they were still findin' beads years later at the sorority house! You did a magnificent job sister!

God bless ya and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan your paintings are just great, every time I see one it is better than the last. you must get so much joy in doing them. Love the beading too.

Gift of Art said...

A walk down memory lane not only reminds us of what was past but where we want our future to be. You did a great job on the two pastels.

CHERI said...

You are so talented! I have always wished I could paint but that is DEFINITELY NOT one of my (few) talents!

Peri said...

The books are really fine! Nice work on the shadows, and if you had really worked on the lettering, the piece would have been great! The vase is interesting --very dreamy in a way --but I am more of a realist at heart! As for the jacket - it is an interesting piece and very pretty, but it simply takes too much time to do...I have personally given up on beading like that....although I am considering tapestry work........So, Carry On. How about a water scene?

Fran said...

Love your painting. WOW! beaded face on your jacket it fantastic.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Great work as always Susan!! That beading is beautiful and I have to tell you... You are adorable! Your smile is contagious. ♥

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Such talent!
Great job on the pastels. I love the books especially, maybe because I've got stacks like that all over my house and you reminded me of how pretty they are.
What an incredible vest. I've never tried that kind of work. It's beautiful--and must have taken so much careful work!