Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally, I can post this...

I have been chomping at the bit to post this, and finally it's been delivered.  This is the present I sent my sisters, a portrait of one of their cats. 

This is a pastel portrait that I did in October and have been quiet as a mouse about it.  I had it framed and sent it to them this week.  They loved it. This kitty is named Zipper and he is such a ham, he poses for the camera every time we get out to the west coast to see him.

I have done several other things, but I wanted to show you this in the meantime.

Merry Christmas, Peri and Peg-Peg, we love you bunches!


Peri said...

Attention folks who read Sue's blog: This is probably the first time ever she has succeeded in surprising me at Christmas! She captured Zipper's personality perfectly and I am absolutely thrilled with the portrait. Peg is over the moon about it and has already called friends to "stop by and see the fabulous gift Sue sent us!" Don't know about you folks, but I am impressed with how her pastel skills have improved this year...and I am really proud of her!

Liska said...

I am proud of her too. She is wonderful both as an artist and a person x

Nezzy said...

I love the look on Zipper's face, it's kinda a "I dare ya" look.

You did a grand job once again girl!

God bless and have an amazing weekend sweetie!!!

Sea Gypsy said...

It is a fabulous gift! I think your love for cats helps you to capture the personality. I agree with everyone. You are doing some amazing work!

Sandy Mastroni said...

You did a great job Susan
I like the blue behind the cat too
Have a wonderful Christmas
God bless you !
Happy New Year too

Kristen said...

This is so cool. I love the background. I am so amazed at the detail that you achieve with pastels.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend... thanks for popping in by me too! I was thinking of posting some more over my holiday, but think I may have forgotten how!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, just popping in to say MERRY XMAS to you and all your followers.
Just love the portrait of Zipper, so life like.
I'm sure you get real fun out of doing your paintings, and no wonder your sisters were thrilled, what a nice surprise.
Thinking of you, as your hat has pride of place on a chair in my lounge, at this time of year.
Took it to a party last week, get great comments every time.
Love to you
XXXX Elizabeth.

Liska said...

Susan because you are arty I thought you might like this, my friend Penny's blog:

Liska xxx

Peri said...

Hi People! I am Peri and Peg's only really pretty cat, Ishtar and I think the picture of the fat cat Zipper is better looking than he is! Susan, you have nice friends and I like reading what they say.Nezzy is pretty. I like Liska's kitten, Aaron. Susan, maybe next year you could do a picture of ME--after all I am the only really pretty cat here--I am black with lovely gold stripes and white tummy and paws and the perfect tail. I like your all other you every draw things like MICE?? I really like the catnip ones best...but I like your duck picture...ducks are birds and I like birds. Happy Christmas to everybody..I have to go -here comes Mom! Love, Ishtar Cat

Peri said...

Please forgive Ishtar. She is jealous. I didn't know she was in my office today. Merry Christmas!

Liska said...

I laughed out loud when I realised the kitten was my Aaron. Good one! ha!

Have a great Xmas