Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's just two weeks til Christmas...

Yep, two weeks until Christmas and the only decoration I have this year is one poinsettia that we got at Home Depot.  Actually the only reason I even have that was to have something to paint.  I haven't done a still life for several months, so I thought a seasonal one would be just the ticket. 

I had fun doing it and while I'm sure I could have probably staged it better somewhere else in the house, it just worked for me on the mantle.

We have spent a very quiet week here, going to the gym, doing a bit of shopping and watching some television.  It's funny, even at my age, I still get teary eyed at the Christmas television specials.  It doesn't matter if it's the old faithful ones from our youth, or the Christmas episode of a current sitcom, I still get weepy. Always have, probably always will.

In addition to being weepy, everyone here in my neck of the woods has been on pins and needles, due to the abduction of a local 12 year old girl.  Her Mom had missed work two days in a row, so on Monday, concerned co-workers call the police and when they entered the house, unfortunately, they found the mother, Tina, murdered.   The daughter, Brittney was not there and it was soon discovered she had been taken by her Mom's boyfriend, apparently on Friday.  An Amber Alert was issued immediately and finally last night, they were seen in San Francisco in a Safeway.  A shopper recognized them from the Amber Alert photos and called police and they were able to arrest him without incident and get Brittney.  The officials aren't releasing much information, but at least she's safe and on her way home. 

I hope everyone is staying calm, cool and collected over the holidays.  My shopping is done, and after we go to UPS Monday, I can sit back and relax.  I don't stress out much this time of year.  The hubby and I get things we like throughout the year, so we don't worry that much about special gifts for each other.  I ordered art supplies from Dick Blick and he will probably get something from Musician's Friend and we both like to order shoes from Zappos.  So this season hasn't stressed us out in the least.

Well, that's it from me for now.  Stay safe and warm and remember to tell the people that you love, just how much they mean to you.  Take care, we'll talk soon!


Liska said...


Loved your post - your writing style goes from strength to strength and is very readable :-)

You must have people around you who get stressed at this time of year (like me), because you seem to be aware of it, despite not being stressed yourself.

I hope you still get the Christmassy "buzz" in addition to the emotion you feel when watching Xmas TV.

Xmas will be special for us, with it being baby's first.

We are making a start on putting the decorations up today. But still have to fit in feeding the baby, making a nice Sunday roast, and watching the final of X Factor.

Your painting is great - love the seasonal one.

Are you one of those Americans who says "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"???

Bye for now,

Hugs, Lisa x

June said...

I like your poinsettia painting just the way it is, with the plant against the brick . . . sort of a study in red, isn't it?
Not stressin' here either, except about the things I need to get in the mail.
I am looking forward to the Christmas Day gathering. I'll feel all warm and fuzzy then.

BlueRidgeLady said...

As always, I love your pretty Poinsetta paiting! I thought it was a photograph! It's awesome!!

Glad they found the girl, it is always so upsetting to hear things like that, and I guess if anything good can come out of it, is them finding her.

Enjoy the rest of the day friend!!

Sea Gypsy said...

That turned out great! I love it when you do florals! I love to decorate and I really do not care if I finish by christmas or not, so with my attitude no stress I do stress a little over the goodies(cookies, cakes and candies) I make as gifts. I started cooking two days ago and will finish next week, so I am doing good with time. I will probably gain a few pounds which will then cause me to stress over losing what was gained, but what the heck, it's christmas!

Peri said...

I really like the painting! It reminds me of all the Christmases of my Momma was born on Christmas Day and so we tried to make it extra special for her and get her two presents Daddy always bought her a beautiful red poinsettia for Christmas and every one I see I think of both my parents. I don't do alot for the holidays--decorations and partying or the like...and like you, Peg and I buy things for each other all year, so we don't go all out for Christmas. Just simple stuff and taking the day off to do whatever is fun that day.
As for the abducted girl -- guess it should be a warning to all women who have "boyfriends", not husbands --when your daughters get old enough to start being sexy -start watching out for them and decide if that "boyfriend" should be living there. I am glad the young one was found --proof that Amber Alerts work!!!
Hope all the folks you know never have to worry about that sort of thing!
Merry Christmas is proper if you are a Christian and Happy Holidays is always proper because Christmas is not the only holiday in December! So both to you!!!

Nezzy said...

Girl, I had to take a double~take...I thought it was a photograph. Your painting is just unbelievably beautiful!

I pile on the projects but I do it to myself. I make tons of different types of fudge, clusters and truffles. (I give some as presents but I've got the family totally spoiled.) Hubs and I don't exchange gifts but baby with eight grandkiddos, Pre~Teen Sunday School and Kid's Chruch I become a shoppin' wrappinalcholic. Heeehehe!

So sad about the mother and her 12 year old girl. Stories like this truly break my heart.

God bless and have a great day sweetie!!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, your painting is wonderful it looks so real, just like a photograph,I thought it was at first. You have captured it so well.
So sorry to hear about that poor little girl and her Mom, I am so angry that another perpetrator has done it again, but releived that he was caught so sad, dont trust anyone today especially some "boyfriends" What can we say the world is a frightening place when you hear of things happenning like that.
Just want to put your arms around that little girl so sad.
Yes my idea of Christmas is as yours, I get all I want thru the year so I dont stress out now.
In fact havent anything on the wish list right now. Am well looked after and have a great life so am very blessed. Have a wonderful, happy and relaxing holiday. Catch up on all those things you said you'd do during the year. That is what I am going to TRY to do over this time.
All the best and Blessings to you all

Peri said...

Hi again! I am posting for Peg, who, upon seeing the newest picture, exclaimed, "Sue really did a nice photo of that poinsettia. I wonder if she will do a painting of it!" I think that qualifies as good praise for the painting! So, keep up the great work!!! Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays from California!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I like the poinsettia painting!

Liska said...

Peri that's a good compromise on Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :-)

Was it intentional? :-)